Hellfire Citadel Finally Nerfed for Solo Farming!

The revelation came from Kaylriene's latest post. Hellfire Citadel in BfA is naturally a one-shot run... except for the fact that you couldn't move farther than the first boss if played solo. Hellfire Assault, as you may recall, launches multiple groups of adds and cannons which try to destroy your big guns. It was a … Continue reading Hellfire Citadel Finally Nerfed for Solo Farming!

Death of Draenor: Rumble and Silence

As of my latest plan - I follow it and there's really nothing new to report. Micromantica blasted this Chapter III achievement today's morning - and I leave these following Garona quests as a sweetest piece of cherry pie for the evening. Sadly it's the only piece of lore left. Others are not doing professions or … Continue reading Death of Draenor: Rumble and Silence

Gorgrond: Swish-Swish, You’re Done

It seems that now I devote every weekend to push the merry company of my alt toons through yet another zone. Last weekend, they finished Frostfire and Shadowmoon. This weekend it was Gorgrond. Nah, it was really quick. If you skip the extra quests of "kill 20 of this and 5 of that, and please go smash … Continue reading Gorgrond: Swish-Swish, You’re Done