Trivia: Wasteland & Expectations

There's literally nothing left to do in BfA for me except half of the reset day farming and camping Rustfeather. I've geared up all my current 24 toons to 430 and up, rendering them ready for Shadowlands. I've healed through N'Zoth and completed its quest even with my newest toons - the draenei monk and … Continue reading Trivia: Wasteland & Expectations

Shadowlands: Animated Short Revendreth Review

And so the final Arfterlives cinematic went live: Revendreth. Tale as old as time, insolent aristocracy VS poor commons. Some might (and did) already say that Revendreth copies Suramar in theme, but it's actually not. First of all, Suramar had a very political baseline. The line of division was not aristocracy VS common, but in … Continue reading Shadowlands: Animated Short Revendreth Review

Shadowlands: Animated Short Ardenweald Review

Now this is how you do introduction cinematics! After the disaster of Maldraxxus video, the plank dropped so low that literally everything could have looked better in comparison. And yet Ardenweald became the greatest cinematic of Afterlives so far. Bastion coped with introducing major conflict, and gave an interesting lore morsel of Arthas' fate. Despite … Continue reading Shadowlands: Animated Short Ardenweald Review

Shadowlands: Animated Short Maldraxxus Review

Alright, the sentiment after watching the second short was: what the fuck was that?! I mean, I liked Draka character, the finally visualised story of her death, the "I'm the key" thing - truly epic. But what did they tell us about Maldraxxus itself? Nothing. It's actually the worst piece of introduction I've ever seen, … Continue reading Shadowlands: Animated Short Maldraxxus Review

How to Gear Up Your Fresh 120 Alt for Shadowlands in One Day: Shortcut Guide

Note: this guide is written before Shadowlands pre-patch events, which will: Squish your level 120 to 50; Eradicate essences and corruption elements on your gear; Will most likely have some catch-up activites in Icecrown on its own. But September's all yours! Let's roll and gear up your alt in one sit! The following path takes … Continue reading How to Gear Up Your Fresh 120 Alt for Shadowlands in One Day: Shortcut Guide