Lore Questline Splits: A Bliss or a Curse?

The Story So Far... Ever since Vanilla, if you wanted to experience the whole mass of Warcraft lore, you had to play at least two characters: Alliance and Horde. You've missed all lore for the Alliance/Horde-specific zones, and often a half of what was contested. In further expansions, the split of two factions remained to … Continue reading Lore Questline Splits: A Bliss or a Curse?

Radio Silence: What to Expect in 9.1.?

It is fun to speculate on further development of events. As Blizzcon approaches, we might expect a solid 9.1. presentation and announcement of beta-test. What could they possibly prepare for us? Blizzard has been suspiciously silent about feedback and implementing any major fixes, so I think that the general course of Shadowlands feels ok with … Continue reading Radio Silence: What to Expect in 9.1.?

Alt-Friendly? A Bucket of Suggestions

Yes, I'm very firm with the idea that Shadowlands is probably one of the most alt-friendly expansions. Still there is room for improvement, and I've come across a brilliant article on Wowhead that offers a lot of welcome suggestions. Here's the link: https://www.wowhead.com/news=320574/is-shadowlands-alt-friendly-evaluating-anima-gearing-sanctums-and-more Don't be shy and read the full article. Yet here's the summary … Continue reading Alt-Friendly? A Bucket of Suggestions