Warrior Transmogrification: Check!

This just in: with Lucifron in Molten Core finally providing gloves and purchasing the Dragon Soul Heroic pants for a funny price of 300 gold in auction house, my warriors become the first class to complete my current transmog project: Classic -> Warlords, all raid sets are done! Rikkit and Gorgul are now completely free … Continue reading Warrior Transmogrification: Check!

Trivia: Between Isolation and Datamining

Datamining and alpha testing has started, and Wowhead is bursting with all possible posts. I will skip each and every story spoiler until release, yet I've been admiring the new models, and they look awesome! Just watch them, they're so great. So far my favorite Covenant (by visuals) is surprisingly Maldraxxus. I've never expected that, … Continue reading Trivia: Between Isolation and Datamining

Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!

Blizzard is finally out of dead silence, and there begins a shower of news. Alpha access is ready to arrive during this week to check out the first Bastion zone leveling and corresponding dungeon. Torghast and 1-50 leveling is also coming in April. With that, players will naturally get an access to the updated classes … Continue reading Upcoming Class Changes in Shadowlands!