Global Battlenet is Up!

Well, it means we all from different regions can be Battlenet friends now all over the world starting June 8 :) Even if I'm lost at Assassin's Creed now, very soon WoW and patch 9.1. will be my home again, hopefully becoming the game again where I spend all my spare time. My BattleTag is … Continue reading Global Battlenet is Up!

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Game Review & A Baby Duck Syndrome

There's a well known "baby duck syndrome" thing concerning media series (comics, books, movies, games etc). The legend is: a duckling would recognize the first object or creature he sees after birth as his mother, also known as imprinting. Likewise, gamers, readers and movie fans would most likely recognize the first book, comic, movie or … Continue reading Assassin’s Creed Origins: Game Review & A Baby Duck Syndrome

Sylvanas Redemption: A Last Minute Call

The WoW-related internets are buzzing about the latest short story from Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth, which is exploring visions of Vereesa about Sylvanas: the shattered soul and stuff like that. This post would be quite short, as my opinion is quite certain. Blizzard are trying to sneak in some redemption theme, and doing … Continue reading Sylvanas Redemption: A Last Minute Call

A Bit of WoW and a Lot of Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed series is coping with my WoW lull time particularly well. I've completed the main Odyssey game (without a couple of "expansion" aka DLC stories), and I'd say it's one of the best things I've come across concerning single player titles. Even without DLC, it took massive 105 hours to swipe it clean (130 … Continue reading A Bit of WoW and a Lot of Assassin’s Creed

Torghast Datamined Changes

Wowhead and other WoW-related resources are reporting multiple improvements (?) in Torghast. The overall direction is about making the whole system shinier, some catch-up mechanics are naturally woven in for latecomers/alts, and several new systems are implemented, like ranks, perks, affixes, layers, soft timers, removal of death counter and many, many more - also adding … Continue reading Torghast Datamined Changes