Trivia: Just Checking In

And now Patch 8.3. is officially done: As with Uldum Accord, it also felt anti-climactic. Of course the reason is that all work in the raid is done long ago, and grinding up reputations in the aftermath was pretty vain. The patch in whole was not that bad. We had an excellent albeit a bit … Continue reading Trivia: Just Checking In

Trivia: Between Isolation and Datamining

Datamining and alpha testing has started, and Wowhead is bursting with all possible posts. I will skip each and every story spoiler until release, yet I've been admiring the new models, and they look awesome! Just watch them, they're so great. So far my favorite Covenant (by visuals) is surprisingly Maldraxxus. I've never expected that, … Continue reading Trivia: Between Isolation and Datamining