WoW Shadowlands: Expansion Features

On to the announced gameplay features and my opinion about them. Leveling 50-60 in Shadowlands and Covenants Apparently Blizzard is back to linear leveling, opposed to Legion and BfA routines. On our main, we will get to see the stories of all the Covenants, and make a calculated choice of one of them which we … Continue reading WoW Shadowlands: Expansion Features

WoW Shadowlands: Let’s Go to Hell!

So, as the Blizzcon dust settles, it's time to take a good look at the expansion features and lore. Starting with lore of course :) LORE My major concern and hostility towards the new expansion is of course the cinematic. My major "no" is villain introduction. It required an extra machinima to show him, and … Continue reading WoW Shadowlands: Let’s Go to Hell!