WoW Shadowlands: Let’s Go to Hell!

So, as the Blizzcon dust settles, it's time to take a good look at the expansion features and lore. Starting with lore of course :) LORE My major concern and hostility towards the new expansion is of course the cinematic. My major "no" is villain introduction. It required an extra machinima to show him, and … Continue reading WoW Shadowlands: Let’s Go to Hell!


So… What of the Blade?

As we already know, our final showdown in Battle for Azeroth will culminate in defeating N'Zoth itself, probably putting an end to the Old Gods' corruption attempts once and for all. All the power we've accumulated, azerite and dragon perks, would be put to use in this final act. Yet defeating an Old God and … Continue reading So… What of the Blade?

Battle for Azeroth: Story Development and Next Expansion

I've commented about this in several blogs already, and I think my speculation deserves a special post. Remember how Genn said to Anduin in the latest Saurfang cinematic that these were the last troops? They would be recruiting farmers - farmers, and the war has barely started. They would waste their fleets - and even … Continue reading Battle for Azeroth: Story Development and Next Expansion

Roleplay: Older Content Lore and Leveling Your Character

I hope you're ready to have your mind blown, cause it's the craziest idea I've had recently, and it explains everything. While leveling my new toons, I can't help but asking myself: how does it really work with the lore? See for yourself: for example, a Nightborne character could have entered Azeroth only after Elisande's … Continue reading Roleplay: Older Content Lore and Leveling Your Character

Antorus & Legion Ending Cinematic: Opinion

Spoiler Alert! Alright, if you've seen the final expansion cinematic like I did yesterday, you may read on. If you plan to do it later - you've been spoiler warned. So, the Pantheon reborn (or their spirits) trap Sargeras and infuse Illidan with their power for him to be his Warden. The decision is not … Continue reading Antorus & Legion Ending Cinematic: Opinion

Remember Theramore

Theramore, a city-state in Eastern Kalimdor, was founded after the Third War when humans, dwarfs, orcs, trolls, tauren and night elves defeated Archimonde at Mount Hyjal. The races then scattered across the continent, trying to set a peaceful life. Orcs founded Orgrimmar, trolls inhabited the isles to the south. Tauren established their magnificent mesa capital … Continue reading Remember Theramore

The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations

So, Blizzcon is almost here, and by all means we will get insights about the new World of Warcraft expansion. Let's discuss our expectations about it :) Setting First and foremost, it's most likely gonna be a sea expansion focused largely on Alliance/Horde clash - and with an ultimate enemy of N'Zoth/Void. The clues are … Continue reading The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations