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Dead DPS Don’t Bite: Three Tips To Be The Best

Considering raids, especially LFR ones - which are by all means lacking coordination between players - there are few major problems with DPS guys. Even if you're overgeared and/or perfect with your rotation, showing best DPS numbers, you are a total ruin and shit as a DPS if you have serious problems with other important aspects. Please … Continue reading Dead DPS Don’t Bite: Three Tips To Be The Best

Legendary Quest Items And How To Collect Them

I'm gonna talk about Legendary progress and odds tonight. From raid to raid, Warlords of Draenor has experimented with systems of collecting stuff for your legendary items. Approach was slightly different each time. The consumed time remains the same - for each step you need like 3 to 6 weeks. Highmaul - 125 Stones, ranging from … Continue reading Legendary Quest Items And How To Collect Them

Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.

So, Patch 6.2. is coming tomorrow, and let us see if I come prepared for it. THE RINGS First and foremost it's my Epic Ring chain that got me busy. Today I have closed the weekly Blackrock cooldown, and here's what we have with our 900 Runes: -------------- ALLIANCE Microfury 885 Backston 803 Mayluna 759 Chitsuro 728 … Continue reading Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.

Waiting for Patch… Or Not?

Before work, today's morning opened for me with 3-wing run in Foundry and after Oregorger in 4th wing I ditched my raid. Cause Gottenbar became the second one to get his 715 Epic Ring. Oh well, it's 2/11 of my alts now. Will be 3/11 in the evening, cause Melaris the Draenei Death Knight is … Continue reading Waiting for Patch… Or Not?