Zandalari Druid Forms

It's just overwhelming. You've probably seen the travel forms before: Flying Zandalari Druid Form Ground Zandalari Druid Form Now just get ready to be knocked from your feet. Moonkin Zandalari Bear Zandalari The only words I have for this is 'Holy fuck!' These are amazing. These are beyond amazing. You ever wanted to tank with a … Continue reading Zandalari Druid Forms

BfA Pre-Order Character Boost Effectively… Wasted

This 110 token was tingling my eye ever since I bought the new expansion, and I had to do something with it. I'm merrily leveling my Allied Races, and as I want the achievements/transmogs/ whatever awaits me at the end of proper leveling, I'm not allowed to ding any of them. I had this pandaren … Continue reading BfA Pre-Order Character Boost Effectively… Wasted

Allied Races: Alliance

My journey continues, and Micromantica went and unlocked the available Alliance races: Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei. Again, both questlines are linked with the Void. For Void Elves, you travel to Ghostlands to discover the diaries of exiled High Elves (Blood Elves), and then you find them in some void corrupted world. You free them … Continue reading Allied Races: Alliance

Allied Races: Horde

...this is what I saw when I came back from my band's rehearsal yesterday. Guys, it was better than New Year or expansion release day :) The highly anticipated pre-order/allied race release was 95% to happen, and yet this 5% of uncertainty made the hype. The overall enthusiasm resulted in ultimate queues. I was wise … Continue reading Allied Races: Horde