Hyper-Borean Leveling

My badass frost girl Gaella is propelling to the tops at insane speed. Today's couple of hours in the morning saw her entering Pandaria and reaching level 83. I wonder if she will be in BfA on the other side of the weekend? Quite possible! The reason of the post is actually musing about questing … Continue reading Hyper-Borean Leveling

World of Warcraft Name Guide by Races

Having linguistics as one of my major hobbies and being an altoholic myself, I've come up with certain guidelines for nicknames in World of Warcraft. The intention of the guide is to help with creating a name which you could proudly wear along your adventures, and which will look natural in the world of Azeroth … Continue reading World of Warcraft Name Guide by Races

Visions of N’Zoth: New Small Things in 8.3.

Today's PTR brought several interesting things. First, Blizzard are tuning down the shining headlights for elves and death knights: It is announced as a first step to appearance changes in Shadowlands. Me personally couldn't greet this more: inner magic fantasy is so fantasy, but these eyes always seemed quite averting to my taste. Second, a … Continue reading Visions of N’Zoth: New Small Things in 8.3.

Trivia: A Couple of Lull Months

As confirmed by Blizzard, Visions of N'Zoth will see light of the day somewhere in January, and now we're basically left to do what we please. I am 100% sure that I will be reminiscing my Warcraft III campaign experience with Reforged during winter holidays, with lots of time and chill mood (and the fact … Continue reading Trivia: A Couple of Lull Months

Roleplay: Exploring the Evil Side

I've been thinking about the place my new toons could have in my character roster. Just leveling them for achievement sakes is definitely fun in the process, especially during lull. But leveling what would be a THIRD cap level fire mage and deleting it afterwards ultimately feels like like a waste. I've found the answer … Continue reading Roleplay: Exploring the Evil Side

The Future of Allied Races: Possible Options

An interesting thought has struck me considering Allied Races, and it's so simple. Here goes: every current race receives an allied version.  Check out my list: ALLIANCE Humans - Kul Tirans (Drust) Dwarves - Dark Irons Gnomes - Mechagnomes (from 8.2.) Night Elves - Void Elves (with Blood Elf models) Draenei - Lightforged Worgen - … Continue reading The Future of Allied Races: Possible Options