Patch 7.3.: Are You Prepared?

Picture being courtesy of brilliant Kageyama Satsuki, are you prepared for the patch? I'm finding myself at a big clearing up nowadays, closing the loose ends. Artifact Weapons This is where I will draw the line in grinding artifact power: 52 traits. As you see, I've almost completed my goal of driving all the weapons … Continue reading Patch 7.3.: Are You Prepared?

Trivia: Slow Down

It's Monday, and it's time to revise my week. As for reputations, the progress rolls as it should: May 22 May 29 I've decided I slow down now. Every day I'll be doing only those emissaries and those toons which are not Exalted yet. When I'm there, I'll assign the "mount teams" to factions, and … Continue reading Trivia: Slow Down

Invasion Transmog Weapons Oh my. And here's your next reason to run invasions! Just look at these transmogs which drop from the last bosses. I would sell my soul for the staff at 2:53. Meanwhile, Azsuna, Val'sharah and Stormheim are complete :) I expect Highmountain to be active since 4 p.m. - so I may¬†finish the achievement … Continue reading Invasion Transmog Weapons

A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

It was quite a weekend! Artifact Questing It was the highlight of the weekend. I drove all my alts to acquire the knowledge level of 26, place orders, and run some quests for unlocking new traits. I ran them in a casual way: whenever I felt to. The important thing is not to get exhausted … Continue reading A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

Artifact Power Management in 7.2.

Blue post: So, it means: In 7.2. you will have only one level of Paragon trait - the one at 35 All artifact traits¬†36-54 will be removed, and AP refunded You open the new traits via quest chain Then you invest your refunded AP into them Guidelines on Artifact Power management before 7.2. Feel free … Continue reading Artifact Power Management in 7.2.

Suramar Finished: What’s Next?

Yesterday I've experienced the last bit of Suramar campaigns. The chapter felt way unfinished, even granted the further storyline coming at us. I've expected the junkies make some progress to their current state and be prepared for assault on Suramar, but it's apparently yet to come. Suramar will get its own review post, but all … Continue reading Suramar Finished: What’s Next?