The Case of Elune

The Power of the Night chapter name - and the only remaining unresolved theme in Ardenweald - implied that we must see a resolution for the Night Warrior / Tyrande and address the recreation of sigil. I must say it was done pretty well, with a number of revelations to be discussed. Spoiler: I'm not … Continue reading The Case of Elune

Activision Blizzard Lawsuit: My Opinion

I had to sleep over this before I gathered my thoughts and was able to write this post. Needless to say, the yesterday's news are dissappointing, devastating and everything else. I guess I'll run the lawsuit (which I read in full) issues point by point. Underpayment/Underpromotion I'm not tolerant to unadequate attitude towards women, minorities, … Continue reading Activision Blizzard Lawsuit: My Opinion

Sanctum of Domination: A Peep into The Jailer’s Vanguard

The first wing of Sanctum of Domination went live, and my transmog hunt begins! My first impressions about the raid are very, very positive. Unlike depressing Torghast catacombs in every possible wing, the Sanctum feels almost... festive? It's quite varied, as even during the course of the first 3 bosses the color scheme changes 3 … Continue reading Sanctum of Domination: A Peep into The Jailer’s Vanguard