FFXIV: Whereabouts

Slow, but steady: heading towards the end of current game content. First of all, leveling. My jobs are almost done, both toons are counting less than 40 levels to go each: And I'm realizing that it's gonna be the end of FFXIV's active gameplay phase for now. Which is good, as my new IRL job … Continue reading FFXIV: Whereabouts

FFXIV: Arcanist Misadventures & Overall Progress

A lot of past week's gameplay was spent for Summoner/Scholar leveling - moreover, twice. Yes, Arcanist is the class that levels both jobs simultaneously, and yet I split the experience for two toons for rolpeplay/vibe sakes, so: Yeah, level 50 on both toons, roulettes are now available, and counting. Summoner, much like Red Mage, acquires … Continue reading FFXIV: Arcanist Misadventures & Overall Progress

WoW Dragonflight Reveal: A Scaly Fan Fest

No wonder that reaction to the reveal was quite polarized. TL;DR: personally I'm in the underwhelmed camp after the presentation. But let's discuss it all one by one. The Speakers. I should say that presentation went a lot better than the infamous Zereth Mortis patch reveal. The "inclusive" card was played pretty decently, allowing room … Continue reading WoW Dragonflight Reveal: A Scaly Fan Fest

FFXIV Arcanist | Summoner: Basics Guide for Dummies

This guide’s goal is to educate you with the basics that will allow you to understand the core of Summoner / Arcanist gameplay, level safely through open world and dungeons, and provide a foundation that you can feel confident with and enhance as you please. How Summoner Works in FFXIV? Summoner is not an easy job to … Continue reading FFXIV Arcanist | Summoner: Basics Guide for Dummies

FFXIV Red Mage: Basics Guide for Dummies

Exploring new FFXIV jobs/classes is challenging for a beginner. I encountered this problem myself: every next job guide you meet in the web will throw an engineering-value blueprint at you. Dozens of abilities – most of them you don’t even have until final levels. The worst thing about guides is they lack comprehension and aim to maximize … Continue reading FFXIV Red Mage: Basics Guide for Dummies