FFXIV: Hello Darkness

Lo, I’ve reached Ishgard on a new alt, and immediately took the job of a Dark Knight. This is gonna be my job from now on, until I add up Reaper at 70 (or will it be available only after Shadowbringers lore at 80?). Anyways, finally the alt is doing what it meant to be: the dark stuff :)

Dark Knight feels a lot like Blood DK in WoW, but better. I feel the very same vibes of slow, calculated zweihander sword strikes, self-heals and stuff. I’m yet to level up and discover the joys and woes of mana management, but I’ll manage. Anyways, two dungeons cleared and no deaths, I feel confident with survivability and the few spells I have yet, so here we go!

Replaying ARR was… not great :) It was my third clearance of the story content, and that’s two too much. I went strictly through MSQ, heavily using aetheryte travel and Vesper Bay teleport tickets (spoiler: you still have some left), distracting only for blue quests to unlock different stuff. Naturally, I skipped almost every cutscene, and yet it was still quite tedious. I think a part of it has to do with that I wanted to play DRK – the new job – so much, so I itched to be in Ishgard asap.

Limsa intro was probably the worst of three – so I didn’t miss anything cool before.

I’ve reminded myself about the story beats in question – turns out, I remember almost everything. I stalled, and read and watched the pre-50 stuff about the Empire to make my lore knowledge adamant about Castrum roulettes. I paid attention to Ysayle and Migdgardsomr – this much I knew. I checked out Crystal Tower storyline – because G’raha appeared to be much important later in Shadowbringers, and the “wisp” of darkness was referred to in current questline. Nabriales/Minfilia business, including Minfilia vanishing in the tunnel – basically it’s the last we see her in flesh.

Anyways, no stones left unturned, and I can safely put ARR on a shelf. The further expansions I remember too well, so I’ll rocket through from now on, stopping only for favorite major beats.

Today’s agenda: leveling DRK to 50, and then I proceed with the story.

ARR was important, it is true – it sets foundation for the expansions to come, but I hope they will do something about it, it craves for modernization.

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