FFXIV: The Glams My Lalafell Wears

As promised, my second (and last so far) fashion show-off for the eight combat jobs my Lalafell plays!

Glamours, or transmogs for lalafell are tricky to an extent. The race is an analogue of gnomes by its height, being the shortest and the only “small folk” of the game. Unlike gnomes, or other small folk in other games, lalafell have no adult curves (like hips or chest, male or female) at all. By proportions and body type they remind a child or a doll, so making them look hot or badass is a challenge by itself.

WARRIOR (tank)

This dress, available for every role and damage type in Endwalker, was such a good find! You’ll be seeing it more than once in this post. For warrior, I recolored it into a brown/yellow, down-to-earth recolor. Hands and legs come from 89 free job set, and the bhuj axe I haven’t changed since leveling in Stormblood, only its recolors due to overall glam – I like this shape so much.

Warrior/Marauder is a tank class, first of a sea wolf pirate, and then of an inner beast (and controlling it) fantasy by official lore. It’s about powerful heavy swings and self-heals in game. In Western tradition, the zweihander warriors are dps, while in Oriental games a warrior with a two-handed axe is always a tank, period.

PALADIN (tank)

FFXIV’s paladin is probably the most Western and canonical archetype in the whole game: yes, a noble protector, yes, a sword-and-board knight, yes, has the widest range of ally protecting abilities, and yes, it wields a number of mana spells to attack and cast heals in addition to physical. An interesting lore twist is that they originally hail as sultansworn, the royal guard of arabic-themed city state Ul’dah, not the common castles-and-knights (we have that theme of a nation too).

As for glams: yes, the very same chest piece which I made azure-themed, paladin and all. The sword-and-board matched:

SCHOLAR (healer)

The only class that branches out at level 30 is Arcanist – you pick either dps Summoner job, or healer Scholar job (but whichever you play, you will level both automatically anyways). Scholar uses a summoned fairy for constant automatic HoT heals, and specializes on damage preventing shield gameplay.

I raked through the whole range of appearance options to cobble up a version that would look both rich and light, to convey a non-field, scholar study fantasy, and recolored it in pure white to stress healer vibes.

WHITE MAGE (healer)

White Mage is obviously a healer, arguably most powerful in the whole game. Its spells feel slower due to casting speed, but their range and potency is stunning for every possible situation. The game class fantasy is a bit druidic/shamanic, utilizing the power of nature and elements to attack and heal. So I aimed for a nordic/germanic village girl vibe.

The dress is a different one, a Neo-Ishgardian from Shadowbringers I think. With this job, I used bridesmaid’s pants, so it’s my only set where you can get a valid pantsu shot (although good luck doing it with lalafell). The arms and legs come from the class questline Orison set, they’re so perfect I haven’t changed them at all since I got them. The weapon is the 89 job set unicorn cane.

NINJA (melee DPS)

Ninja is an analogue of a rogue in the game (and it starts as a rogue). Bladework and dual knives, obviously, but also secret ninjutsu combos, to deliver powerful magical attacks.

It’s still the hardest set I struggled with – exactly because it’s lalafell, and I’m still not 100% happy. For a ninja, I wanted a non-flashy, dark outfit to fit the spy/ninja fantasy, but one which will not look like a simpleton too.

MACHINIST (physical ranged DPS)

Machinist is a steampunk gunslinger who uses a number of gadgets to deliver certain attacks: augmented bullets, electicity, drill guns, flame- and poison gas-throwers, and even has a spell to summon a robot :) By gameplay, it relies on short burst windows to dish out insane damage.

Obviously, machinist is about steampunk and tinkering, so I played around that for a while, until I hit this coat from Eden set of raid trials as a reward. Too bad I can’t recolor it though, being a raid trial item, so I might eagerly look for new options in new patches.

BARD (physical ranged DPS)

Bard is your guy with the bow in FFXIV. Nothing too special in the basic spell range, all the different shots, a couple of DoTs to maintain. But being a bard has a support flavor here: you hit one of three “song” spells one by one during an encounter, which buffs the whole party for a solid duration of 45 seconds. Also, upgrading from archer to bard at level 30 allows you to play a music tune on a digital keyboard with an instrument of choice, from piano to violins to rock guitars and drums!

I’m using a Limbo chest piece from Pandemonium, and not quite happy with it. The bow though – got it early during leveling, and not changing it ever since.

BLACK MAGE (magical DPS)

The last, but not the least – one of my most favorite jobs. Black Mage is a glass cannon, a badass destroyer caster with insane potency of its spells, which are also most spectacular in the game. During gameplay, it swaps between Fire and Ice phases: you spend your whole mana for potent Fire spells and immense destruction, casting Ice spells replenishes your mana, rinse and repeat. The catch? Black Mage’s casting is turtle slow to a fault, but it’s worth it.

Anyways, by fantasy it’s probably the most “evil” class, focused on acquiring power of destruction, so you go with dark garbs. There was not a lot of thought put in my case, as 89 set is simply awesome.

So, that would be it for my glams – 16 jobs shared between miqo’te and lalafell in total, leaving out three that I do not play (yet) – Dark Knight, Reaper and Sage.

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