FFXIV: Recap of One Month Before 6.2. & Alt Madness

First and foremost, my raid and currency farming shenanigans:

That’s right, I’ve earned the third Pandaemonium weapon of 590 ilvl per character :) I think I will manage one more before 6.2. – or almost will.

Aglaia is going very well, I have 4 more weeks to cover more slots, but all in all I’m clad in Panthean and surpassed 580 with almost all the jobs. I’m happy to say that I mastered every encounter in the raid to perfection. God forbid, I can even lead the party during Thal’s balls, and that’s something. The only mechanic that ALWAYS catches me off guard, like in 95% cases, is Azeyma’s anti-cone that covers 3/4 of the map with zero warning (if you don’t pay attention for her casting bar).

And yes, Lolo finally got her soul enhancement :) It is pure random which player’s appearance will be picked for the phase, so I’m happy :) Not only that, but it was also a too hilarious situation and a dialogue. Someone from the party commented “still small”, referring to lalafell race size. Then, due to some people failing a stack mechanic, my doppelganger just wiped our alliance, which obviously resulted in the lack of balance and then the whole raid wipe. Someone from my party (me) commented: “Smol but deadly” for a number of laughs and a retry.

Anyways, currency. Farming Aphorism Tomestones has been a bulk of my recent gameplay, but it comes to an end. Now I’m sitting on a ~1500, with 1,5 week to go, and then a cap of 2000. Where should I spend it?

It would be awesome if Pandaemonium weapon token weekly restrictions were lifted, so I could quickly farm enough and supply at least 4 more remaining jobs with 590 weapons. Does it work that way? Or they turn into a pumpkin, and the only use will be to trade them for new currency? How do I get Pandaemonium 590 weapons then? That’s the question.

One more currency of interest is Moogle event, which allows farming month-specific currency for mounts and stuff. I quickly raked through the rewards yesterday, and I’m interested in a gorilla mount which carries you under its arm, and also a living bomb-driven flying carriage, which I want for my black mage :) Horse, eagle and fox recolors – not so much, but we’ll see if I have spare currency by the end of event.

Besides, moogles drive you into rare raids and dungeons of previous content – a great chance to practice Ivalice raid and Ultima trials, which I frankly suck at, big time.

The last, but not the least: a quick reminder you’re dealing with an altoholic. I leveled maybe around 40 or 50 characters in WoW to level cap during my time there. And while FFXIV encourages focusing on the only character by gameplay, a single character is still not the answer for roleplay and difference race vibes.

Long story short – meet my brand new Roegadyn woman:

As for race choice, the Roegadyn girls always intrigue me a lot – not without Merlwyb’s influence, of course, but she was not a major inspiration. I’ve been nursing the thought of rolling a Roegadyn girl for a while, so this was not a rush decision or whatever.

Job-wise, obviously I rolled a Marauder, because sea wolf, classical race alignment, and also I did not see the Limsa pre-15 level questline yet. Besides, Warrior is one of my most comfortable classes, and tank will have zero queue issues during leveling.

I intend to make her a “dark character” – so I’m hopping on a Dark Knight immediately after I reach Ishgard (one more reason to level a warrior, so that I had a fending set) and then she’ll take Reaper as her side, or even main job.

And yes, I’m that crazy as to replay MSQ for the third time :) Consider it my New Game+.

No rush though, it’s a long time leveling project which I intend to do when tired of farming endgame runs.

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