FFXIV: The Glams My Miqo’te Wears

I’ve been planning a fashion show off for a while. With all the peaceful currency farming and little things to report, I think it’s finally time.

My miqo’te plays 8 combat jobs, so here we go.


Gunbreaker is a tanking class whose weapon combines the properties of a sword and a gun. The job taps into gunslinger/engineer fantasy (even if most abilities are spectacular saber slashes), so uniforms, leather, belts and all possible mixes of steampunk/soldier vibe.

I did not actually think much here: the 89 level free job set is so perfect that I just went with it and never changed it at all, and will leave it as such until they design even cooler options. The only thing that got glammed was weapon itself.


Astrologian is a healer job which applies a star globe and a deck of cards as a weapon. Again, it’s 89 lvl job set as a base, but with YorHA raid boots and a golden star globe from ARR early dungeon which made it through all the leveling and remains at level cap. While astrologian looks so cool in deep colors of the night sky (dark purple, blue, or black), I wanted a lighter, more tender option, so I recolored into turquoise.


Dragoon is my ever-main job, as I’m a sucker for spears. and it’s kinda a knight archetype which fits well into Warrior of Light fantasy :) Almost nothing changed since Heavensward leveling: once I colored that set in bright red (was it Augmented gear for poetics currency?), I knew I won’t desire anything else. I’m not too happy with the spear though, but so far it’s the option I can cope with.

SAMURAI and MONK (melee DPS)

The problem with Samurai is that it shares gear with Monk (except weapon of course), and so I had to pick glam that looks good with a katana, but also doesn’t impede high kicks :) I went with a sort of royal option, I think it was some gear from Stormblood expansion – it fits both well.

RED MAGE (ranged/melee DPS)

Red Mage is a weird enough mix of ranged and melee DPS: it accumulates mana through long phases of casting, and then jumps in to deliver quick and powerful melee bursts with its rapier. It’s a sort of musketeer class, so job sets use uniform coats, and obviously coloring your outfit in anything but red is a SACRILEGE. I used the coat from one of the earlier class questline rewards, but boots and pants are shared with Summoner, so I had to pick the common option again. Ishgardian thighboots with buckles from a Heavensward dungeon and some shorts option did the trick.


Summoner job is FFXIV’s closest take on a warlock. It utilizes the smaller versions of local demons (aka primals, or eikons) during certain combat phases. However, it’s not an “evil” class by lore, it’s quite a noble arcanist which does not seek to gain power by whatever means necessary – it’s more about studying the arcane. And it’s basic “demon” is a cute aetherial squirrel minion :) Anyways, I wanted to stress the good nature of my character, so again it’s an aquamarine shade of Neo-Ishgardian Shadowbringers’ engdame caster set.

DANCER (ranged DPS)

Dancer is a physical ranged DPS job which uses chakra throwing discs as a weapon, and from time to time does a quick dancing combo to buff herself and party members.

There was not much thinking, as again 89 lvl gear set was perfect. I think I changed the skirt, and colored everything in bright red to exclude shades of pink here and there, but this was it.

Yet I don’t exclude the option to experiment again, even if I like this set a lot.

So, that’ll be it for tonight :) Next stop – The Glams My Lalafell Wears.

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