FFXIV: What Am I Expecting from Patch 6.2?

There we go, Live Letter from the Producer has come and gone. I normally don’t have patience to watch presentation, so I read the summaries at fan sites, which luckily are plenty.

My experience with non-combat activities was not-so-good at this game, alas. I tried and abandoned crafting and gathering too soon, as the whole thing seems too boring to level. And the complexity of retainer system kills any Auction House/Market Board ambitions.

Besides, gil is a-plenty from combat activities. At least I have quite enough to buy a few glam items here and then, and my apartments are all set and done! The amount spent for repairs, materia melding and travel is too insignificant to mention or worry about.

Apartments were a one-time thing, basically. I returned here and now to make a few adjustments, but all in all I completed them for both toons as far as December. Housing is a cool feature to experiment with, but now I have my dwellings that perfectly fit both toons, and no need to refurbish.

Gold Saucer – well, I finally got there. It’s a great range of mini-games, all well designed and exciting in their right, but mini-games they are. Nothing I couldn’t play on my phone, and rewards seem not that exciting to farm – I’ve raked through the whole list on icy-veins (yes, it does FFXIV guides now). So pass: it’s not worth the travel.

I’m interested in Islands coming in 6.2. though – I did not play Animal Crossing, and FFXIV version could be an exciting and relaxing pastime if done well. New type of game, new type of activity is welcome.

And that returns me to the basic activities that I’m always busy with: story, gearing up, glam collections and roulettes.

6.2. obviously pushes forward the main story – can’t wait for it. Of course, it’s a walk-and-talk experience except for a dungeon or trial maybe, but nevertheless much expected. I made it this far, I’m used to the style of storytelling :) The 13th is interesting as a place to explore, the villains were too vague and little screentime in 6.1. to get much excited, so we’ll see. Please, pretty please let it be just Zenos’ voidsent, and no comebacks! Zenos’ arc was great, but it ended so perfectly that digging him from the grave would ruin it all.

Hildibrand questline is bound to develop, especially in the wake of new relic weapons coming, and the whole Manderville questline becomes better with every next expansion, so I’m good. Both toons have caught up through 6.15., so I’m ready. If someone wants to fast forward, it won’t take long.

Tataru and Omega were small and not too exciting stories… they may develop further, or they may not, it’s totally optional for my taste.

Asphodelos will get a new story and new wings to farm. As far as I remember, we defeated the current big bad, so… The ancient guys do not excite me too much, we’ll see how it turns.

Aglaia/Myths – this is what I want most, but are the new wings coming in 6.3. and 6.5.? If so, then it’s quite a long haul from now.

For now, I’m glad that we have time until late August – there’s plenty room for grabbing as many 590 raid pieces as possible, farm aphorism currency to level cap (and spend it for weapons), and probably I could even manage not one, but two extra job 590 weapons per toon from Asphodelos.

As for current activities, I’m doing my raid runs on reset day and farming currency in roulettes. All very exciting, but by weekend I’m effectively done until reset :)

Single Player Titles

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – walked through last year, now playing it from scratch – again, every nook and cranny, with as little rush as possible. What a game, I could wander this Ancient Greek world forever, and I’m a fan of player character, seriously, Kassandra’s one of the best in the games history.
  • TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge – I walked through it once, now I intend to replay on at least every character, like we did in blessed 90s on NES and Sega.
  • NieR: Automata – A Square Enix game that I launched just yesterday. Well… YorHA raids in FFXIV were not just inspired, they were ripped from this game, to the bones. It’s not just cameo, it’s like FFXIV raid designers went on vacation and said: we did such a great job, now would you just take our assets and don’t bother us sunbathing :)

Anyways, NieR is a very straightforward slasher, where you press one button and everything spectacularly blows up. This looks pretty beautiful and no-brain, quite a relaxing game to play. Yet I’m not sure if I would play it to the end, frankly the setting and story is quite depressing to my liking so far, and lacks characters to care about (even if visuals, gameplay and music are top notch).

So, these are my routines and expectations. What are yours?

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