FFXIV: Asphodelos Farming Done… Long Live Farming!

Lo, my FFXIV adventures have crossed a certain threshold.

Job Leveling. Done and done!

I’m 90 at all the jobs I play – so my altoholism is quite sated. It is so cool that I have a wide range to play – even during farming, I would vary and hop from one job to another every time. For example, I switched jobs with every next queue in Asphodelos, and I intend to do so for my currency farming runs. Of all the jobs, the one I shun to an extent is Scholar, although I’ve mastered it to a degree of efficiency by 90. In other words, no job here is benched, and that’s cool.

The one significant twist is that I want to swap “main” aka MSQ job from Machinist to Warrior on Lolo. Just feels better by class fantasy/WoL archetype to me.

Asphodelos Raiding. Done and done!

It was surprisingly fast, as I filled all the remaining slots in a couple of evening sessions. Now I would focus on shared gear by role type in Aglaia – to fix different glams for paired jobs (for instance, Warrior and Paladin), and keep them all roughly at the same ilvl.

From now on, raiding is reduced to a couple of Aglaia for set items and a couple of P4N for a weapon token on reset day, that’s it. I calculated that I manage to collect at least three 590 weapons on each toon before 6.2., so there we go.

Currency Farming. For these weapons, and for 6.2. I need to cap those pink currency tokens… so more roulettes? Yet I’m not dreaded at all with farming. The natural variety of dungeons and raids, unlike leveling, will be spruced by picking any job I feel like playing today. Like I said, I want to play FFXIV, I want to play all my jobs, so just give me a feeble excuse for a battle activity, and I’m all in.

Questlines. I did Tataru’s business quest, and it was… too fast? Wasn’t inspired much, a revisit to minor characters and nothing too moving, fun or spectacular occured. I’m intrigued with Omega quest (probably also too short), and Hildibrand is supposed to be most hilarious, especially in the First. Coming soon, but all in all, my hopes lie in 6.2.

Extra Activities. Gold Saucer and whatever – no time for them yet. Someday, I promise :)

Anyways, it was a good and tense ride, now I’m in a relaxed mode and have time for single player titles.

Btw, did you 8-bit fans know that TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge was released recently on PC and consoles? It’s a loving tribute game to TMNT 2 and 3 beat-’em-ups on NES, and I recommend it highly for everyone who had at least a little bit of fun back then.

It’s fun, hilarious, has all the trademark villains and heroes, challenging, but not too challenging to an extent, and kept all the good things from its predecessors while maintaining both 80-90s cartoon series and original games’ spirit. Can’t stop advertising it.

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