Scholar Job Finale

As the final stages of leveling go on, I bumped into a SCH finale. It was a great build up for a course of 80 levels, and I expected a moving piece, but it deserves a separate post after I’m through with it.

Just.. don’t make me retell it, it was one of the most consistent and moving stories in the whole range of job closures at Shadowbringers-80. Of course we knew that cure would be found, and yet it made me cry a river. Screenshots tell the story better than words:

Nuff to add – the top questline emotionally. All my SCH struggle was worth it. Alas, 10 more levels to pull through xD Although, for the sake of variety or farming currency – quite an option during grinds. Not my favorite job, and never it will be compared to a fluent, perfect Astrologian and heavier, but mighty White Mage – still, by 80 it’s an option.

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