FFXIV: A Couple Weeks To Go

*That’s me fighting Ultima, Garuda barier part

So, June is when I started my third (and this time successful) try of FFXIV, and after a year I can finally say I caught up with everything.

Leveling Jobs: less than 20 levels to go each, the Arcanist duo left, split into two toons:

I finished Gunbreaker leveling yesterday, and that means that both Sanya and Lolo completed role quests, thus closing all New Game+ entries (well, except for the jobs I deliberately ignore).

Raiding: the weekend was a severe grind of Asphodelos with Lolo. The concept and spreadsheet is this:

I’m aiming to fill all the slots with Asphodelos Limbo gear (580), and replace it with Aglaia pieces every week (590 green slots). Due to glam/transmog purposes, I would sometimes need an Aglaia piece and an Asphodelos piece: for example, Samurai/Monk now share their glam, so they don’t need extra Limbo gear, but Paladin/Warrior need most pieces separate. The prefered job in a group (for example, Machinist in Aiming or Warrior among Fending tanks) gets the best piece naturally :) Anyhow, I want to be 580-ish with all my jobs before the next tier.

I never thought I would say that, but repetitive raid grinds (you can queue indefinitely now and earn tokens on any job/class for any job/class in Asphodelos) are actually fun. I queue for all 4 wings at once, so this alone allows variety, and I also swap jobs for every next queue. Tank is a cheat, because a non-existent queue time, excellent survivability and in general less bother, especially when you’re an off-tank, but I don’t shun queueing with my healers as well. And the thrill of a roll, of course. I could say I mastered Asphodelos tactics by now, so self-inflicted deaths are a very rare beast.

The sad point is, with leveling out of my hands I’ll have almost nothing else to do in the game. Raiding, yes, but as my Saturday grind session shows I would fill the missing slots very fast once I’m into it. So a couple of Aglaia runs on reset day can’t be called a game-to-go :)

Maybe I will earn aphorism currency for weapons, but you can acquire one in a month, so not a big bother to accumulate 500. From other remaining things, I want to run through a moogle postman story (the only questline left), and try Gold Saucer… and that’s it. Crafting/gathering jobs are kinda boring to me, I’ve got perfect housing apartments on both toons, so that’s gonna be it, and the game basically goes into hiatus in a course of 2-3 weeks.

Well, I’ve got single player titles I wanted to try, so that may not be such a big deal, yet kinda a bit sad. I think I may invent some collection goal, but not sure about that. Anyways, the end of the tunnel draws very near :)

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