FFXIV: Whereabouts

Slow, but steady: heading towards the end of current game content.

First of all, leveling. My jobs are almost done, both toons are counting less than 40 levels to go each:

And I’m realizing that it’s gonna be the end of FFXIV’s active gameplay phase for now. Which is good, as my new IRL job will require a lot more time, and so I’ll have less gameplay time – but still. It’s not that I would be devoid of goals, no: gearing up is my next goal, which means I can always run a raid when I have an urge to play FFXIV, but my IRL/gaming balance after leveling will tilt towards IRL or other games.

My next goal being gearing up, here’s where we are:

After leveling is done, I intend to run Asphodelos for Limbo 580 gear, and until the next raiding patch fill as many slots as possible with Aglaia’s 590s. Yes, I know I can buy stuff at market board, but raiding saves gil and provides gameplay and value to the slots :)

As for jobs themselves, Lolo holds the three that I’m less fond of: ninja, paladin and scholar. I still want them at 90, but they’re not gonna be jobs of choice in any situation – be it raiding, story or otherwise. I do not hate them per se (even scholar), but the only way I’m hopping on them would be for the sake of variety. All the other jobs on both toons are pretty great.

I’m officially done with all the side stories. Now I can rate Endwalker role quests, and lo, here we go, from top to bottom:

  • Tank (Gridania)
  • Melee (Limsa Lominsa)
  • Ranged (Doma)
  • Healer (Ala Mhigo & Ul’dah)
  • Magical DPS (Ishgard)

It was very surprising, but tank role quest appeared to be the best for me. It addressed the very basics of Seedseeing, of Gridania, and yet wove it into a very neat, heartful story. It totally felt like going home, and brought out the Gridania queen which we very rarely see outside of her hermitage. No slog, no nothing, I loved every small quest 85>90, everything was so meaningful and nice.

Next come Limsa and Doma. Both had excellent twists and epic final encounters, but they suffered the common FFXIV disease: the SLOG. I fast forwarded a lot on second toon replay, so they come second. Merlwyb wins several points in badassery from Hien, sorry, dude :)

Healer quest was… well, it was kinda boring. I couldn’t care less for Fordola and moreover, her old acquaintances, but it won some points for Raubahn/Nanamo reunion :)

Ishgard magical questline goes the last, because I seriously don’t even remember what it was about. A clear sign of “good” storytelling, is it not? Well, I remember it wasn’t too bad, but not inspiring to the extent that it did not leave any trace either in mind or soul.

Finally, Endwalker meta role questline in Garlemald. I was not too happy how the story turned out… the Garleans would prefer the Moon to the local lands? Seriously? With all the support and calm talk they were promised and supplied? Also, small groups of refugees speaking for the entire nation? On the good side, I was in awe with everything Fourchenault said and done, dude, I believed in you! And the final encounter/duty was superb. I ran it as a warrior, so no sweat, but even so it was a valid designed fight, I didn’t fail a single mechanic. Nerva was such a great boss encounter, I’m so eager to re-run it on Sanya.

Hildibrand – aha, now I get it. The ARR part suffers from the very same ARR disease as all other ARR content… guess what it is? Of course, THE SLOG. You had to scratch out pieces of comedy from endless cutscenes and runs. But Heavensward was already both moving and hilarious, and Stormblood was light as a feather, the best Hildibrand story so far. Now I can’t wait for Endwalker/Norvrandt quests :)

I’m a fan of Nashu and Julyan, the Manderville men… less so. Anyways, all Side Quests bar of New Game+ is now complete.

The final thing to talk about is crafting / gathering. Well, I tried to level botanist/carpenter… and I’m not inspired at the very least, sorry FFXIV profession fans :) I was about level 15 or so, got 5 job actions. It’s just not my piece of cake, I understand how it works, and yet the gameplay is so boring. Maybe fishing, I don’t know. But it seems that all the complex system of gathering, crafting and retainers flies over my roof. I realized I don’t want to level them at all, not even for DoH/DoL stories or glams. Never say never, maybe someday I’m that bored that I’ll do it again, but I don’t see now how it could improve in my eyes.

That all said, with FFXIV I’m looking at a session gameplay soon – maybe an hour or two in the evening, and that will be level cap raiding. Oh, and maybe Gold Saucer?

Now (and a couple of months so far) Playing: In the Balance

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