FFXIV: Leveling, Gearing, Raiding & Side Questline Recap

I’ve realized it’s been a while since I posted my FFXIV adventures. Worry not, it’s yet my primary game and pastime, and I’m not idle at the very least :)


First of all, now I have reset tasks, and this is raiding :) As far as I get it, there will be no more tiers for the rest of the expansion – only extra wings for story beats and as a means of catching up (more wings = more drop chances), and so I can safely set goals for my non-Savage, non-Extreme casual raiding gear.

The best thing is I don’t really need the gear, because the basic level cap item level would quite suffice to proceed with the patch stories, see the new raids and enter the next expansion. Still, it’s comforting to be clad in current raid stuff – because it shows (primarily to myself) that I keep up with the content, that I put an effort and mastered the current raids, and well, it’s a collection goal for what it’s worth.

The current plan so far is Aglaia for tier pieces until I cover all the roles with 590 and Panthean-named pieces. Both toons need fending, healing, aiming and casting gear sets, Sanya also needs striking for monk/samurai and maiming for dragoon, Lolo needs scouting for ninja. This is a long-term goal, with current allowance of 1 item/week – of course, new wings will allow extra drops, and probably several runs will be allowed too, but I’m at the beginning of the road anyways.

Asphodelos is valuable to cover the weapon slot – also a long term goal, 1 month per job so far. It was a yesterday’s discovery that I can farm non-weapon 580 gear tokens infinitely since 6.1., and I also intend to do that once I’m done with leveling. It will be the bulk of my gameplay, but still merely a step towards Aglaia raiding sets.

I haven’t yet discovered how to upgrade ring-necklace-trinket stuff to 590 – was it just aphorism or smth? If so, it’s a third duty goal. In the end, I want all my jobs to be fully clad in 590 – this is a solid casual achievement and target in current content.

Jobs and Leveling

Of course, I’m employing every possible job during raiding sessions – for example, yesterday I ran Asphodelos/Aglaia reset on Sanya with samurai, dragoon and monk, for the sake of fun and variety. I don’t have favorites – if I leveled it to level cap, it is my favorite, and that covers most of the jobs.

And yet one of the best decisions ever was to explore and master healing/tanking jobs, my nemesis in every other MMO. I’ve just reached level cap on White Mage, and it’s been such a blast for Lolo’s reset. I healed through the whole streak of raids, and had such an extreme FUN with it that it may be my to-go choice for the time being.

It is convenient that you can apply for every raid gear with every job, and while you have more chances if it suits your current one, at this stage almost every Aglaia item is an upgrade and a target, so I can safely WHM through raids, apply for every piece and still get desired drops! More so in Asphodelos – as token system waves away any restrictions at all.

Tanks are a different way of cool – as you bother less about mechanics in general, and have an excellent survivability, so it’s even more relaxed than DPS. Both healers and tanks have non-existent queues, so it’s a way to go. It doesn’t mean I stop playing DPS – as I said, diversity is king, and especially during the looming farming streaks, but still… I just did not expect I would love these jobs so much.

As you see, I haven’t been idle with alt job leveling:

The pattern remains the same: normally I would take a job and focus it for 10 levels until the next expansion, then switch to something different. It gives the variety, the great feeling of progress (rather than picking 2 levels here, 1 level there), and an opportunity to free my bags from outdated augmented gear. Currently I think I’m doing paladin and astrologian. I’m spying the end of the tunnel, and this is great :) Middle of June or earlier seems like I’ll be done with leveling completely.

The one job I have a beef with is Scholar. I mastered it enough so that my wards don’t die in duties, but it’s an everyday struggle. I’m sure it will have great options at later levels, and yet the leveling includes Crystal Tower/Main Scenario runs, and that’s where it has the worst kit of all healers. If they throw me to pre-45 ARR dungeons, I always warn my tank about smaller pulls, because back then it doesn’t have any saves at all, and so called “big heals” simply can’t pull off the trick.

Side Questlines

In-between raiding and leveling I managed to cram in several side questlines – filling out my New Game+ completion guide :)

YorHA – finally done through the weekly reset slog. It had a nice closure for the twins, and I don’t think they should return to their village. What surprised me was statistics for players in region realms that aligned with Konogg/Anogg… weird, but why not?

Tales of Dragonsong War – I had to Google that it even existed and what’s that missing slot was, as it was hidden so well out of sight. It is good that I did it now, not right after Heavensward, because the journey was a great reminder of the events as you’re starting to forget them, and this recap was very welcome exactly now.

Scholasticate – is probably the worst questline in the whole game. It was not meaningful or inspiring at the very least, and I even reverted to FFXIV player’s blasphemy… skipping the cutscenes. Seriously, it was so awful that I felt it would quite suffice to read the recap in quest texts, and that’s it. On my second toon run, I clicked through and skipped everything here as rapidly as my mouse would allow me. Boring characters, boring story, a never-ending slog – ugh.

Shadowbringers Role / Void / Unalkalhai – on the contrary, was such a great treat. Turns out, it had mysteries in its sleeve, and while I totally dig the joke that the whole questline was meant to shoo that creepy kid out of Minfilia’s office in Rising Stones, I nevertheless liked his journey. There’s a link to the Thirteenth hidden there?! This is amazing! As for the role quests, I’d rank them in this order: healer > ranged > melee > tank. Healer and ranged are equally great, cool WoL story in melee but annoying present character, tank was awful both in present and past, it was disgusting.

Endwalker Role – healer role questline was not bad, I enjoyed it. Tank and overall role quests to go, I’ll write the whole recap after I’m done with them.

Finally, Hildibrand. I can’t say I’m not enjoying it, and I can’t say I enjoy it too. Surely, the comedy is there, I like the characters, the synergy between them, the silly inventive cutscenes make me laugh, and the stories themselves are good… but gods forbid, what a slog the whole thing is. It has every disease that averts the new players from FFXIV: the dialogues and character reactions are so slow and overstretched that I’m constantly fighting with a desire to take out my editor’s scissors and butcher the whole questline into an actually edible product – because it has every potential to be that. I’m constantly fighting with a desire to skip cutscenes, and yet I can’t do that because that’s where the whole fun is. So, if I’m enjoying this questline, I’m doing so in despite of it. Weird, right? Anyways, ARR part is done, now I unearthed Heavensward mammet and we’ll see if it goes any better.

So, this is my FFXIV gaming today, now back to leveling :)

3 thoughts on “FFXIV: Leveling, Gearing, Raiding & Side Questline Recap

  1. To clarify, the raid will have more tiers coming throughout Endwalker. There will be new 4-boss wings with upgraded item levels in 6.2 and 6.4. Both will also include new crafted gear at the Normal item level and then open a 10-level jump in the next major patch, so in around August there will be new bosses with 610 item level loot, 610 level crafted gear, and an upgrade to 620 in 6.3 in (probably) December. The new tiers are structured similarly – a story to connect to the larger world, a mini-story for each boss, and it should all tie in to the overall raid story for the expansion!

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    • Something to farm then :) I’m awful at accumulating cash and quick to spend it (1,5/2,5 mil currently), so raiding it is then.

      But glams remain the same in the new wings, right? Judging by previous alliance streaks.


      • Yep, there will be plenty to farm in each patch, because the new Alliance raid tiers in the odd-numbered patches also have gear rewards with higher item levels to get!

        The visuals are usually different for each tier on the gear, so Abyssos should have new gear models with dyeable versions and special weapons on Savage, and the new Alliance raid tiers will each bring their own new unique gear too. The crafted gear also gets new models from tier to tier. There’s a central theme that is played with for the Alliance raids in particular, but given the focus on the Twelve in the current content, it will probably be a lot different each tier (compared to NieR or Ivalice before it where there was a very static theme where the differences in each tier were minor).


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