FFXIV: Arcanist Misadventures & Overall Progress

A lot of past week’s gameplay was spent for Summoner/Scholar leveling – moreover, twice. Yes, Arcanist is the class that levels both jobs simultaneously, and yet I split the experience for two toons for rolpeplay/vibe sakes, so:

Yeah, level 50 on both toons, roulettes are now available, and counting.

Summoner, much like Red Mage, acquires its spell kit early and fast, and very few additions coming after, so I can already judge the job well-informed. I’ve even cobbled up a guide, cause the learning curve was not intuitive at all, up to desperation and quitting urges, but once you get the idea, it’s pretty easy and straightforward.

I’m not a fan of primals, and I should see about carbuncle macros, turning your ifrits into squirrels. Question is, how much of a bother will it be. If I have to pop macros every time I switch to Summoner, it’s too much of a bother, and I might as well go with the flow. Otherwise it’s a pet-not-really-pet class, like I said, all my pet issues are solved, so I’m quite fine with them – even enjoying having them around.

All in all, Summoner to me is a valid job to play, although not the most favorite among casters. I definitely enjoy the mobility, which leaves the sluggish Red Mage far behind, and feels more like physical ranged. It’s a powerful job – even without pet tanking, I’ve decimated hunting log targets with ease – and even those 5-6 levels higher than my own level! The problem is maybe the overall satisfaction: you don’t really see your pet nukes apart from one-on-one encounters in the open world, especially in the raids’ mess, so it’s more like “press button 5 because you’re supposed to”, not to get a spectacular spell.

Scholar is on the ground levels among healers for me so far, that’s for sure. We’ll see about it further, but until level 50 it was a total dismay. Delegating a lot of healing to a fairie is a relief to an extent, and I value that, but at the same time it means weaker spells of your own casting. You only start getting insta-saves by 50, and Dzemael/Aurum were a sheer pain to struggle through the 7 levels. Long story short, Scholar’s starting spell kit was very, very far from comfort throughout ARR content. But – like I said, the future spell list looks more lively, so we’ll judge the job a bit after.

Scholar’s major attractiveness for me is its vibe. The whole job fantasy of a medieval student, the fairies are adorable, and the job story was probably one of the best so far. Tonberries intrigue me a lot, and there’s nothing better than to properly delve in their story, mystery and solving their curse!

Out of my job list posted earlier in the post, I intend to level all these jobs to level cap and maintain them as such in further expansions. I’m enjoying jumping on this or that job for high end content by choice, by what I feel like playing today, and that’s the ultimate goal: the utmost variety. Red, Scholar, Ninja and to lesser extent Paladin are still a little bit of outsiders – I’m quite skilled in all of them, and yet often reluctant to play them, still they deserve a level cap. As you see, I’ve tried and dismissed Dark Knight, Sage and Reaper – not my piece of cake at all. The rest of the jobs are what I totally enjoy, 100%, and always happy to return to playing any of them.

My FFXIV Perspectives – are what scares me to an extent. It’s a concern that I haven’t found the answer for yet. You see, I’m quite happy with my leveling gameplay, exploring new jobs and their stories, but everything eventually has its end. As I’m in Shadowbringers/Endwalker leg for most of the jobs, I can’t help but be concerned about what to do next.

Here’s my list to do that I intend to do:

  • Level all the selected combat jobs to level cap
  • Run the current alliance raid for gear
  • See Hildibrand story
  • Explore crafting/gathering jobs (learned, but haven’t tried any yet)
  • Try Triple Triad mini-games

Problem is, most of these activities have a certain finale, and don’t seem to be a patch-long/expansion-long activities – which I would rather want from my major game and major MMO. So, lull/hiatus is probably looming, which is not a happy place for me. Of course, given the one gear piece per week rate, farming the alliance raid is quite a long term goal, and yet it takes barely a couple of hours in a week on both toons which is not enough :)

Long story short, I’ve yet to find an unobligatory, but desired replacement for WoW-style farming that would keep me engaged in game in-between patches and expansions – if there are any at all. Being a non-competitive and non-PvP player, not too excited about gold/gil acquisition (my, all my professions are normally gold sinks in any game rather than sources of income), it may be challenging, so I’m open to suggestions :)

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