FFXIV: Ready for the Patch 6.1.!

I’ve closed so many, many loose ends in the recent days. Still more to go, but the bulk of tasks before patch is complete.

  • Smileton/Stigma dungeons: done on both toons.
  • Asphodelos: first 4 bosses defeated by my lalafell, mi’qote to go there once.
  • YorHA/Eden/Werlyt raids and questlines: done on both toons (well, apart from weekly gating for the final few YorHA quests to make it to the New Game+).
  • Available role and job quests: all that reached 90 are complete.
  • Hildibrand: no, it’s gonna be a solid few days to catch up throughout the whole story, now including the new chapter from Endwalker.
  • Bahamut Coils raid/questline: still stuck and waiting for a self-healing job to level up and beat one boss.
  • Sightseeing Log: near completion on both toons. The only vistas I ignore is those that require insane “jumping puzzles” in the big cities. I would never finish Kugane and Radz-at-Han, otherwise it’s all complete. Oh, and no ARR of course: weather + certain time? Without me.

I made the best out of pre-patch hours, logging out just 4 minutes before maintenance – running the last roulette trials and spending whatever moogle tickets I had on both toons – for mounts, haircuts, orchestrion and mount speed maps. I’m happy with leveling progress I made, now I would resume it only after MSQ and other 6.1. stories to come.

Lolo’s remaining jobs: White Mage, Warrior, Paladin. I’d catch up with paladin, but I’m focusing White Mage because I’m interested in role story so much (albeit not a fan of Norvrandt’s dwarfs – I know they’re lalafells under covers, but live up to the western fantasy stereotype, and thus are super boring). So, white mage > warrior > paladin, the priorities are in that order. Before 90, I also need this 10 level gap between warrior and paladin so that they did not share augmented gear and thus were allowed different glams :)

Oh, and if you wonder how I fare with my white mage:

So… yeah, pretty confident and good actually :)

Sanya’s remaining jobs to level: Astrologian, Gunbreaker, Red Mage – in that very priority. I’m almost out of Stormblood step, which is great.

And well, in the end it’s gonna be a total of 14 jobs equally split between my two alts – with both having melee, ranged, magical, healing and tanking option, to cover all stories and needs coming my way.

Speaking of stories, I may have rushed a bit about Endwalker role quests. I’ve seen 3 so far (casting, melee and ranged physical) in Limsa, Doma and Ishgard, and well, they’re not all too great. Neither of them is bad, of course, but while Doma was so awesome, Limsa and Ishgard just pale in comparison, like a lot – despite resolving the important loose ends. Gridania and Ala Mhigo to come once I level tank and healer, we shall see about them.

Shadowbringers role quests are a lot better imho. I’ve played through physical and magical DPS stories, and progressed a while for tanks and healers. Well, Ardbert’s party is so nice and interesting to follow – that unites the whole streak of questlines.

My favorite so far is magical questline, so cool in every sense possible. Physical questline, like I said before, is interesting considering Renda-Rae part, but I want to kick Lue-Reeq every time he opens his mouth, and I want to never see him again, this part is a failure. Tank questline looks very promising, it’s so grimdark so far. Healer questline – same as physical, I dig for Ardbert’s companion and want to learn her secrets, but your dwarf companion is so annoying and stereotypical, there are only so many pattern, boring jokes about booze I could handle.

And I love every Job questline that comes from Shadowbringers, level 80 and with role quest complete. It’s such a nice vignette, always without a single encounter, just in stay-awhile-and-listen style. Always very moving, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, neither of them left me indifferent so far. I’ve seen 8 jobs – Monk, Ninja, Samurai, Dragoon, Dancer, Machinist, Black Mage and Bard, and each of them had something in its sleeve to touch me deeply.

The mere amount of announced content coming in 6.1. is intimidating, and there could not be anything better than that. Can’t wait for it – and I will be nursing the time when the maintenance ends. So many adventures await!

My, what a game.

5 thoughts on “FFXIV: Ready for the Patch 6.1.!

  1. Hey, we both wrote one of these today! :)

    I guess I have good news on the Hildibrand front – that new questline is not until 6.15, so around 4-8 weeks after main patch. You’ll have plenty of time to catchup and as you do, nearly all the new non-MSQ side-story quests will hit at once!

    I generally agree on the role quests – Shadowbringers has very well-contained story arcs within the role quests, where the Endwalker quests in all cases were uniting years-old plot threads that were left dangling with Endwalker bits to show the progression of time. The healer story is a particularly good one, that is all I will say, and the tank one is…probably my least favorite, all told. It’s not awful, but it just doesn’t hit the high notes as well in my opinion.

    Back to the waiting room I go!

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  2. This is a page i used to help me finish ARR sightseeing log, the rewards are a title and an Apkallu minion:


    I’m not sure this is worth it, i love exploring and the spots are nice but they made ARR ones too hard which why the changed the system in the expansions, in ARR you have to be at the right spot/time/weather, some spots have 2 minutes window to do an emote and hours of cooldown.


  3. I’m glad to see this as much to see that you’re still around and at least sort of okay as anything. I’ve been a bit worried about you with all that’s going on in your corner of the world right now.

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    • Don’t worry – yet. I live in Saint-Petersburg, it’s almost Estonia/Finland border, on a Baltic Sea, and quite far from the southern events. That said, the country’s definitely rolling to hell and is trying to cosplay North Korea, but not yet. The process is slow, normal life is pretty normal like before, and sanctions (inner and outer ones) would have a real impact in several months, cause Russia as a big country has a no little margin of durability, for better or for worse.


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