FFXIV: Re-Evaluation of Alt Jobs

“Didn’t know what a stress machine was this morning, and now we have two of them.”
(c) Maurice Moss, The IT Crowd

Well, that was my paladin job yesterday. What do you know, in the morning I did not even know if I would ever play paladin in any visible period, and by evening I’m already 36 and counting. It would be ridiculous to assume that I don’t try every job possible, because, duh, new experiences, stories and angles in gameplay :)

Paladin appeared to be quite a nice tank, I’m having zero troubles with the core gameplay, the kit does not differ much (yet) from warrior, and as the tooltips say, there will be plenty of stuff focused on defending group members later. But two things actually made me roll it: an option to play sword-and-board (I’m a fan of wielding a shield -and fighting with it!) and the fact that Lalafell paladins in roulette groups look simply gorgeous in their paladin armor. And when they told me upon soulstone quest that paladins are sultansworn – well, you could imagine. Roleplaying as a personal guard for Nanamo Ul Namo? Omg omg omg.

Alright, the theme of the post is actually evaluation of alt jobs, as I’m pretty aware now with all of them, and ready to make an informed list of likes and dislikes.

Yes, Please: The Jobs I’m Extremely Enjoying

Dragoon – nuff said, it will remain my mi’qote’s main. Spears (!), a vibe of powerful, noble knight fits the WoL fantasy like a glove, powerful and flashy animations – what’s not to like.

Machinist – so far, my lalafell’s main. A steampunk gunner with lots of handy devices to shoot at enemies, excellent mobility and vibe, quite fast and powerful rotations with extreme boost windows.

Samurai – a deadly, very calculated blade, excellent variety, depth and gauge spending decisions at every given moment which makes it one of the most interesting jobs to play.

Monk – a very flashy and fast job with an excellent mobility, dancing around the buff combos.

Black Mage – exploooooooshun! It’s an artillery class, pinned to one spot, yes, but it is compensated by extreme pleasure of… well, when your nuke finally lands, it matters.

Warrior – my first tank, and it’s amazing in almost every sense. The Asian cliche of a tanking with a big ass axe is refreshing (in Western mmos, a zweihander is always dps), it’s super sturdy and powerful. The only thing that I’m not buying is the whole “beast” fantasy, but I can wave it away once I’m done with the class story.

Paladin – for the reasons I listed before, I think this job may very well make it to this group. It’s an advance credit, and I don’t think they spoil it later :)

Astrologian – nuff said, my favorite healer, super fast, super agile, very beautiful in fantasy and animations, and with an extra depth of card buffs for the party – never boring.

White Mage – well, finally, yes, it falls into this category. Like I wrote before, it feels slower and heavier than Astrologian despite almost the same kit, yet it’s very much playable, and nature vibe is precious.

Yes, But… The Jobs That Lack Certain Things

The jobs here are very much playable, and I’m enjoying them, but there’s always something there that itches me and does not let to embrace them in full – for different reasons. This group will be ranked, from top to bottom.

Dancer – top of this list. Almost everything is great about it – an exciting and unique, RNG-based rotation, agility and mobility, flying vibe, gorgeous animations – yet it does not feel powerful. Even when your biggest proc nukes land, it feels kinda underwhelming.

Bard – obviously, mobility, handy DoTs, gorgeous class sets, and buffs that make you feel super important (despite the kinda small profit they bring). What I don’t like is that it does not feel as a light, agile class. Ironically, what spoils the whole job to me… is the sound of pulling a bowstring. It’s natural and refreshing at first (sound design for all hunters in all games normally ignores it!), but in the long run it’s always in the back of your ear, and makes you feel so sloggy… Weird, really – I’m commending the job in every sense, but this sound alone pops in my mind every time I’m looking at Bard and makes me reluctant to play it.

Gunbreaker – yesterday I trained with a training dummy, rearranged the whole panels as now I’m tank-experienced, and now I feel this kit, very ready to go for group content. We’ll see if it makes into previous group, but so far the whole vibe and fantasy does not feel… tanky. I think that being a DPS would be awesome for this job and fit a lot better. We’ll see.

Red Mage – well, I love casters, and when you finally can swish-slash with your rapier in short burst windows is satisfying. Two problems with this job: one, the turtle pace of accumulating energy for those melee combos – you’re lucky if you manage at least one round during the whole boss fight, and trash? Forget it, as I’m accumulating the energy for boss, and reach exactly 100 by engaging it. Two, the whole class fantasy is super weird, black and white magic, and then a red appendix, does not hit any strings. I like the casting and melee rotations though.

Ninja – what would you know, it’s level 90 (means I played it a lot) and yet it makes it to the bottom of this list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite fun and has a great depth, it’s just those ninja-moves require constant stops from the blade work, and bladework itself is a bit underwhelming, with strongest and flashiest nukes on long, long cooldowns. I just can’t really settle how to percept the whole class – it’s kinda a blademaster… but it’s pauses for casting for 40-50% of time? Well, points for being a very agile class, and never boring rotation and its depth, but I’m not enjoying it as much as I’m enjoying rogues in every other game. Never really excited to ninja any group content (except for firing up trash asses, this 2-button ninjutsu fireball is one of my best highlights of the job), and I better jump on any other job for any activity.

Meh: Playable, But Not For Me

The name speaks for itself – there are no bad jobs in FFXIV per se, but these do not fit me at all for a nuber of reasons.

Summoner/Scholar – one word: pets. I haven’t even ever summoned a fighting chocobo for any job, even in hardest times, save having a pet integrated into a class. Just can’t do with pets in any game, so annoying and distracting. The second thing – which did not change in Endwalker – the basic attack spell has such an annoying sound that makes my teeth ache. Dropped Arcanist at level 11 with an intention of never return.

Sage/Reaper – both are very much playable, excellent kits, very pretty animations, it’s just I’m not buying the class fantasy, and have zero desire to play them ever – so I decided to dismiss their gear altogether. Well.. just did not fly with me.

Dark Knight – the only job I haven’t played yet. I’m pretty sure that it has an excellent kit too, and is a very playable tank, but I’m not excited to roll it at the very least. Not a fan of “evil” classes (btw, Reaper falls here too), and seeing how other DRK players are dragging this big ass sword makes me cringe – it’s not something I want for my toons :)

Blue Mage


2 thoughts on “FFXIV: Re-Evaluation of Alt Jobs

  1. I loved the Gladiator / Paladin story lines. I adore Mylla (and Aldis). Mylla and Serendipity (goldsmith guild master, also reminds me of Hazel from Hazelnuttygames) are the only Hyurs I can think of that I feel a connection with in the game.

    As you get further into the PLD job, you’ll find yourself often working more as an off-tank when you’ve got a GNB, DRK, or WAR in your group. I toss shared mitigation or healing spells on the main tank, and dps as much as possible. Generally only taunt when the other tank needs to drop debuff stacks or there’s a tank-buster swap necessary. If I wind up paired with a PLD, I simply ask them if they want to main/off tank. If they don’t care, I ask them how comfortable they are with job and see who has the most health and then decide.

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    • Strange enough, I almost skipped the Gladiator story, seemed very boring to me, except for a spectacular finale fight. I liked the paladin story a lot more, such a great plot of monetarists :)

      As for gameplay, it’s some next level of planning I never think about :) Normally I’d easily let other tanks do the job if I’m not sure what to do, and swaps/adds are like in 5% or less of all boss encounters, so there’s little bother. I’d take an easier task too if needed – that Alexander raid encounter when you have to drive bots with precision to certain quadrants not to be consumed by central robot, I said I would just hold the boss, and I did, and we succeeded :)

      Liked by 1 person

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