FFXIV: Post-Holiday Progress & Housing Ready!

As always, the lengthy New Year holidays left not so much time for gaming – the Xmas/New Year blended pre-holiday fuss and celebrations, visits from relatives and visits to relatives and friends, and I barely had 3 days of vacation left to chill at home at peace and at my keyboard.

Those few days were totally devoted to my Lalafell, and she made a very palpable progress:

  • Machinist: 72, entered Crystarium and Shadowbringers expansion
  • Black Mage: 70, also valid for Shadowbringers content and finished the job story
  • Bard: 65
  • Ninja: 65

I’ve completed all Stormblood side questlines on her except for a bunch of quests from Rhalgr’s Reach and raid/dungeon ones which I plan to postpone until level caps. Well yeah, in this manner:

My goal remains the same: I’m planning to work through the current leveling expansion and its side questing on both alts, and leave them behind in order of appearance. So, I’m still deep in Stormblood: leveling monk, samurai and all side quests on main mi’qote; ninja, bard and Rhalgr’s Reach side quests on lalafell alt, and only then I move on to Shadowbringers.

Job Questlines 60-70

Machinist – was a great questline, “marrying” the low and the noble folks of Ishgard, fighting prejudice and all, and tapping again into heretic theme. Hilda was one of my most absolute Heavensward favorites, so I was too happy to get more of her screentime in the spotlight.

Black Mage – the questline was so amazing. Shatotto the original black mage and a conjurer from Gridania had a hilarious tension and synergy, and we prevented a calamity, no less! As I was watching Don’t Look Up movie on a second monitor, it was so well aligned :) You know, when you fight to prevent a planet killer comet in game and glancing at a movie you see a comet approaching… that was super weird and fun!

Bard – what we had with Guydelot and Samson in Heavensward was not too bad, but in Stormblood their relationship absolutely shines. It’s an ultimate example of what I like about FFXIV storytelling, as the more boring earlier questlines may receive a more moving and exciting story later, so the boring parts may not be in vain after all and serve as a build-up. Bard’s story as a whole is one of my absolute favorites, except for a 30-50 old fart slog, seriously though.

Ninja – moderately non-excited so far. Karasu villain is weird not in a good sense, and arc villains and problems we solve are so generic and boring.


My mi’qote is yet to finish furnishing and think about her choices, but lalafell’s fresh apartment was done in one sit, in one stroke of inspiration (and in just about 800k gil)! What I learned from my latest furnishing experience:

1. Idea comes first. You need to understand the general direction, then items just click into places. In my lalafell’s case, I decided she’s a woman of pleasure, so I built her apartment around that.

2. In smaller apartments: zoning is the king. Works IRL, and definitely in FFXIV where an apartment is quite a small square, a single room to play with. You need to understand what is it you do there, what’s your primary activities, and then figure out how to place items conveniently for your living.

I’ve decided – true for both alts – that my apartment is a resting place from adventures, first and foremost, so there must be a minimum of a bathing place to heal the wounds and wash away the dirt of Eorzea, a sleeping place, and a dining/cooking area to eat and meet guests. Mi’qote main’s apartment is yet under construction, but I must say there’s a very small and simple bathroom and bedroom area, and an emphasis on cooking and living room. Not so with lalafell.

As I was aiming for pleasure chilling, I built the whole apartment around a gorgeous bathing area, not unlike Ancient Roman public baths. As you enter the apartment, the first thing you see is a royal hot tub with something like a small garden around:

Note that you should be very careful with floor-to-ceiling partitions and walls in apartments, avoid them if you can. In my case, the pillars effectively zone the bath space from the rest of the apartment, and rectangular planters, while zoning the space too, don’t block the light and let the eye rest.

There’s a liquor/storage sideboard on one side:

…and a more practical clothes basket on the other:

Anyhoo, the bath area is a totally royal, chillax place to be, with all the items I need here :)

The rest of the apartment is furnished on residual principle, but still perfectly zoned, comfy and serves its reason:

For sleeping area, I built around a steppe-styled bed, because pillows and such.

Kitchen/dining area is not meant to host parties and is very practical: coffee, breakfast or a quick dinner, and then she goes chilling to the bed or to the bath with alcohol and snacks:

Well, now I’m totally happy with my furnishing choices, and now I consider my lalafell’s housing done.

One thought on “FFXIV: Post-Holiday Progress & Housing Ready!

  1. This entry inspired me to finally buy an apartment. Still have a long way to go with decoration, but I have my guitars in place and a bed and desk. Working on getting some fish in my aquariums and figuring out what I’m doing with the other 75% of the floorspace.

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