FFXIV: Milestones and Plans for 2022

It’s December 31, and I’m glad to certify several achieved milestones in FFXIV for this year.

Endwalker MSQ was done a while ago, that’s out of question, but now I’m free to level alt jobs as I please, with no rush. I haven’t seen Pandaemonium story and raid yet, but again, I haven’t seen most of the game’s side raids, so its time will come :)


Both of my alts are done with A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, no quests left there, all raids and dungeons completed and seen, and are now a Duty Roulette option, yay! Crystal Tower, period for alliance raids could be tasking, and completed Alexander streak offers an extra tome/XP option as Normal raids. Lorewise, now I’m fully aware what bothers – or rather, bothered the locals of starting zones, Alabathia’s Spine, Dravania and Coerthas, and I feel at home in each and every zone.

Needless to say, I intend to clear the next expansions to the last quest, dungeon and raid too – and on both alts, as 2 characters is an ideal number for lore. The first one gets the general “what happens” and all the story plot and fresh emotions, the second alt is important because he already knows the major plot and may focus on minor details, on “how it happens”, and carve the lore in stone by repetition/replay.

I find it cool to wrap the quests from bottom to top, as my alt jobs level expansion by expansion – this way it feels natural, the XP quest income helps a bit, and you get a wonderful sense of completion as you transit to a threshold level of 60-70-80 and leave the expansion behind. Still, I think I will do only side quests and dungeon runs to level alt jobs from Stormblood and on, and leave all side dungeon and raid questlines until level caps.

Long story short – there’s a ton of content and ambience to explore, and my self-inflicted “loremaster achievement” will last for another month or two.

Alt Jobs

Mi’qote Main:

  • Dragoon: 90
  • Dancer: 71
  • Samurai: 66
  • Monk: 65

Lalafell Alt:

  • Machinist: 71 and digging post-Stormblood questline, now Yotsuyu
  • Black Mage: 67
  • Bard: 60
  • Ninja: 60

The milestone was to make it to Stormblood before New Year on all jobs, and that deed is done :)

Did not explore any game systems beyond story and alt jobs. But I’m now at home with housing and glamour systems.

Housing for main character is almost complete, I need just a couple of tweaks to boast my first furnished and finished apartment. Housing on alt – I got the apartment, but there’s nothing there yet besides a king sized canopy bed in the middle :)

And as a last thing today and in this year, I wanna boast glamours for my lalafell, I’m already happy with the sets which finally could be picked from more than beggar choice of ARR and knight-only options of Heavensward:



Black Mage


That’s gonna be all for tonight and for this year. See you in 2022 – hopefully all the games we play will have fun and exciting stuff to spend time there!

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