FFXIV: The Second Day of Endwalker

The login issues though.

As of Dec 6, EU-region, the game is unavailable for playing since afternoon for 3 days straight. Now even queues are not in question – all those tribal dances around the fire with “fast re-log” (btw, didn’t work, even if it was 40 seconds), “abandon your wi-fi”, “sit for 5 hours nursing your client” and all other great advices – which surely are a clear indicator of a perfect service you paid for – do not apply. The reason? Lobby error pops up and kicks you out of the game client as soon as you press “Start” at the magnificent logo screen, without even showing your character selection screen.

The solution I came up for myself is logging in at 8-10 a.m. – as soon as I get up – and playing until I puke, without significant pauses, because I know: when I logout, it’s the end of Final Fantasy XIV to me for the day. God bless the end of the year, as my job allows me now to be on standby for quick answers to colleague inquiries and I’m not involved in any major active projects. I don’t want even think what would it look like if I had only evening hours to play. Probably, I would have to go to bed at 8 p.m. and wake up at 3 a.m. to play.

I wonder: is there any solution from the devs on the horizon? Because frankly, those thorough explanation posts are too nice, and yet they do not indicate any signs of any solution for the problem. Do they wait till their fresh and previously happy player base dissolves? What’s the plan? I see the reasons for the massive fuck up, yes, I see how sorry they are – much appreciated, no sarcasm here, but I don’t see how it could get better in any distant future. If I cannot login into the game when I please to play, oh well… I’m devoid of my entertainment and major hobby in the hours that suit best for playing. To put it plainly, they do not provide the service we are paying for.

The reason why I am so pissed off is that it’s Blizzard June 2021 again. To put so much soul effort and trust in a company only for them to let you down this much and ruin your experience – and when you spent so much time angry and frustrated, the game itself, however perfect it is, will be stained.

Long story short – I’m finding a way to play, I’ll advance through the game and figure out when I will play it, because I want to, and the expansion is excellent… but all these people talking about WoW and copium, seriously? It’s not about bugs or insufficient content, guys, it’s the simple fact you – cannot – launch – the – game – at – all, and have to literally adjust your IRL schedule to it.

Actually you know, I planned to write my impressions about the story, but I’m so pissed off that I decided to split the rant and positive stuff into different posts.

I advanced as far as Garlemald ending and the first trial, needless to say, my mind is blown off, and I can’t get enough. Well, having more is exacty the current problem :)

One thought on “FFXIV: The Second Day of Endwalker

  1. Been doing odd things in WoW on 1 monitor and baby-sitting the FF login queue on the other. I understand and agree with your frustration. I spent almost 5 hours trying to get logged in to FF on Saturday. Granted I had random WoW tasks to keep me amused until I had to try and get my 2002 relogged before my spot in the queue was lost. I found if I was really on top of restarting the launcher, I could fail to reconnect 6 times before my spot was definitely lost and I’d have to start over. At the highest that day, the queue on my world was somewhere in the lower 6000s. I lost my spot in the queue a couple times, but had the luxury of having nothing to do all day.


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