WoW: the End of the Anima Tunnel

There we are, my final anima/farming trip for 9.0. and 9.1. patches. Little is left: Fae sets for extra activities, and my goals until 9.2. will be complete.

I’m tracking the anima stores per toon – once I surpass 1k, it can be transfered to the alt in question. But I think I would accumulate about 2-3k, because trips to Oribos for just 1k are simply too often, too many and thus annoying.

Winter Court armor type set requires 25k, Queen’s Conservatory is just 12,5k, but it also needs Conservatory level 5 for purchase, and that’s another trip. I’ve counted all the anima left, and it’s 250k+ to go.

Luckily, it’s not a scary amount anymore. I can easily get 600-1200 anima per toon for a quick, 10-minute Korthia session, with Shaping Fate throwing in a bonus 500 here and then. I can easily earn 10-15k daily, so if I put any effort, I could be done way before Christmas without any special grind.

With FFXIV new expansion (story and all!!) starting today, I don’t think I will be that devoted though. The agenda remains the same: leisure gameplay, whenever I feel like running 10 minutes, or an hour, or three, or half a day in WoW.

One more thing: with my first Conservatory at level 5, I can finally plant my first seeds for the mount chances. I have plenty of saved seeds, catalysts and what not, so I’m packed well. Unlike other covenants, Conservatory does not require anything special, just Halfhill-like plant, wait & collect activity.

Well… yeah. I think I’ll weave in WoW in December and January. It would be cool to distract from FFXIV and not to burnout in either game, I have my goal which is now accounted for, and I want to get it done before my sub expires.

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