Pre-Endwalker Day of Silence: The Next Season Incoming

FFXIV is in a really strange state to me today – or rather, the timing of the next expansion release and my progress.

I’m totally ready for the next expansion. Of course, my Dragoon does not have the top Shadowbringers expansion gear, but 493 is quite fine for a start. I’m glad that I finished the previous story in full 2 weeks ago, and I’m quite eager to proceed. I’m starting to miss my Scions crew – btw, it’s a bit bugging that you can’t visit them in the open world outside of the story to say hello :)

Storywise, it’s amazing: just as you discovered the new series, you manage to chase it up to the finale of the last available season, you crave for more, and the new season is just two weeks away. Great? Strange, but probably not in this case.

As of gameplay, let’s not forget that FFXIV is still an MMO, despite all the differences from WoW and otherwise games, and is bound to have story-laden patch and expansion events for the first launch weeks, and the bulk of farming, brain-relaxing longer periods. I can say that I definitely did not have enough of this.

I’m super engaged in FFXIV routines today, and there are plenty. I have a 10-year mass of content to see, try and digest, I have my current goals that I’m super invested in, and well, with all this exceptional engagement I’d wish the story happened later :) Super weird for a lore freak that I am, isn’t it? But oh well, story always comes first. In any case, I would consume it in a course of a week tops, I think, and then get back to my routines.

These two weeks after I finished Shadowbringers were exceptionally productive. My primary goal was leveling alt jobs, and I did well:

  • Dragoon – 80 (main)
  • Monk – 52
  • Samurai – 53
  • Dancer – 62
  • Machinist – 66 (alt’s main)
  • Black Mage – 58
  • Bard – 34
  • Ninja – 39

My alt and alt job game was focused primarily on finishing ARR leg of leveling, probably that was my pre-Endwalker goal, and I was just a week short. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the starting dungeons and the leveling pace is great once you get access to queues, but 50 levels feels like a lot to cover, compared to 10-level steps of the expansions.

I’m glad that I managed to try all combat alt jobs, picked the ones that I liked and wanted to play, and said an informative no-no to healer and tank jobs.

The second goal was farming grand company seals – because, duh, housing! I don’t want anything too fancy, and by no means I want to participate in a clicking auction event or whatever, so an apartment would more than suffice. Still, it requires 500k gil and 2nd Lieutenant rank, and currently I have none of these requirements, having spent all my gil for different alt job gear and seals yet to farm. But it came up naturally through leveling alt jobs: 320k, up from 90k on my main, and only 2k seals until the target rank today. Again, if only there was yet another week until expansion release :)

My plans for Endwalker and FFXIV in general are huge, and priorities come in this particular order:

  • See the story
  • Level alt jobs
  • Re-run the Yanxia and up story on my Machinist Lalafell (kinda leveling too)
  • Obtain housing and play with it
  • Cover all the quest hubs, from level 1 – so that no “normal quest” remains unattended. True, they are completely optional, but they do deliver some great zone knowledge and flavor, and they’re vital for the world immersement – at least, to me.
  • Try crafting/gathering jobs
  • Learn what the retainers are and how they work?
  • Unlock and experience all side dungeons and raids
  • Gear up in repeatable content
  • Play games and experience Gold Saucer in general
  • My head is spinning :)

Like I said, it’s 10 years of content that I have not run yet, so there’s tons of exciting stuff to do. And I’m super glad I have a game to play during WoW lulls – equally engaging and exciting. Yeah… even the poop quests :)

Oh, and as of WoW: I’ve purchased stygia and anima venthyr sets, so that’s just Fae Winter Court/Conservatory transmog sets to go. That’s still quite a path to walk, yet I have plenty of time until my sub runs out in the end of January. And while FFXIV is off to the pre-release maintenance, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do today.

I think it’s gonna be safe to let the sub run out in January until next patch, which I truly hope will redeem Blizzard to an extent – if not the story arc which I already buried, mourned and made peace with for this expansion, then at least ambience and gameplay. Still, I’d always prefer to have both games in good shape and with stuff to do, as switching between different games eventually prevents burnout in either.

Well… see you in Endwalker, and now it’s Korthia/anima relaxing day before the storm!

P.S. Oh, I leveled Bard to 30, and tried the instrument playing. I must say that the feature is done exceptionally well – at least for a game – and this is musician talking! There’s a really great variety of instruments to pick from – exceptional, I say, there is metronome, all options to play as a band, transposing, and what not. Well, it surpassed all my expectations.

True, it’s nowhere as convenient as a real piano, but I can manage to an extent. Yesterday I was waiting for queues in capital cities and played along the city themes, picking them up in real time and mastering the technique – which was not too hard for an IRL keyboards/piano player. I even got some audience and approval :) Hopefully the game music performed in the game does not qualify as a third party material, subject to copyright which I was warned about upon picking up the perc.

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