Trivia: WoW Anima & FFXIV Alt Jobs

Well, yeah, I’m playing WoW :)

Yesterday I had the mood and missed my toons, so I did a Korthia round across my roster. Nothing special, just anima quests and rares on the way. Rewards vary, so some got 4 anima quests, some got none, and some got 2-3. I skipped razorwing talons, because it’s exhausting, and I skipped shardhide grind quest. Three hours.

Result: 14k anima, 19k total, 12k available for transfer between alts.

I have enough to buy one of the remaining venthyr sets, but I’ll wait until the next round when I can have both at once to spare an extra trip to Sinfall.

Now you don’t have to ask why Korthia is your best shot – especially for altoholics. I’m skipping dailies that I dislike (fill-the-bar grinds and other annoyance), and still fueling my anima tanks in insane quantities. This is my routine whenever I feel like WoW, just glad it pays off so well. If I set myself on devoted grind road, I could finish the whole remaining amount in a week or two. Yet I won’t. I’m enjoying my lull, I’m basking in the absense of schedules, so just whenever I feel like playing.

FFXIV: Leveling Alt Jobs

This is hilarious, but I’ve come up with the most effective route to leveling alts by trial, pain and sorrow, and it’s exactly like WoW. You struggle until level 16, and then it’s dungeons, dungeons, dungeons! You do a “duty roulette” once in 24 hours (correct me, but there’s no hard reset time I think? 9 a.m. or smth?) – that’s a random dungeon for extra XP, and then you just queue for the highest available dungeon. And it does the trick – about 1-2 levels per run is a great pace.

I’m not in a hurry before Endwalker – of course, I’ll run through the questline with my Dragoon first, and Dragoon is super ready. Btw, now I’m playing through the story with a lalafell alt in my cat person’s steps, and it feels like my miqo’te is the canonical character, the warrior of light. My lalafell is simply having fun :) If they had a proper, cool anime for the game story, I think a miqo’te girl would fit best for the central character, cause a canonical dude from trailers feels super boring :)

Anyways, alt jobs.

Sanya Ginsu – Miqo’te

Dragoon got a couple of follow up questlines – at level 80, aftermath. We properly buried Minfilia with her mom, and then I bumped into a dragoon questline in the very same Coerthas, where we were sent to reminisce Nidhogg’s story. Wow! That was unexpected.

Monk – is 43, I’m enjoying it so much, nuff said. An amazing job! I don’t mean to main it, but I’m happy with everything about it.

Samurai – scraped level 51, ready for picking dungeons. A valid side job which I moderately enjoy. Big ass finishers feel so underwhelming and slow.

Dancer – level 62, is an excellent job! I’m so excited by its feather light vibe, proc rotation and animations. And the only ranged job on this alt, so it’s an extra bonus.

Lolo Poppa – Lalafell

Machinist – level 66, advancing through the story. Rounded up the Ruby Sea, and only Zenos camp remained in Yanxia. Still want to keep it as my main, the rotation and vibe is excellent, even if the job finally stopped to pretend to be a gunslinger and turned into an engineer.

Ninja – level 31. I’m generally a fan of rogue classes, and this job just played to the rogue standards until 30, quite fine. Stealth is a joke, I don’t see yet where I could use it – definitely not in dungeons, cause I can’t plant even the first blow before I’m ripped out of it, and open world gameplay does not really need it either. Anyways, ninjas from Doma just unveiled a new mechanic – those seals or whatever, and reading about combinations made my hair crawl. Yet I’m not discouraged, on the contrary. I think a bit of practice, and I’ll combine the combos without second thinking. Actually sounds quite exciting! And yes, rogue had one of the best class stories – Milala was such a cool character.

Black Mage – 56. Ran a couple of dungeons, remembered why I love it, Explooooshuns! did not go anywhere :) Side job for extreme fun.

Archer/Bard – yes, I decided to try it, and who could judge me? Not me. Level 11, I’m valid for guildhests, I intend to level it through group activities only. I’m absolutely a fan of no pets, otherwise, quite a normal hunter class. Not too great and not terrible, we’ll return to evaluation once I have more than 3 abilities on my action bars. Yes, I know it can play music later :)

Arcanist/Summoner – is a big no-no. It’s just super boring to me, and pets don’t add any excitement. Besides, this zzzzzzing! sound of spells is driving me mad, and that’s definitely not going anywhere :) I put this job on a shelf and even sold all its gear. Just no. Not today.

Gunbreaker – well… yeah. As expected. Don’t get me wrong, the animations are excellent, the damage output and defensive kit are amazing. I was impressed by the introduction duty/quest, where you got almost a proper dungeon experience and learned: dealing damage, handling trash, handling adds, positioning, mitigating boss’ nukes, absorbing bad stuff, and tank swaps. Wow! And this was not some trash dummy game, this was a no-nonsense, very real situation of dungeon value. Basically they’ve thrown you in the water – learn to swim, or drown.

And as I expected, I coped decently – first try, never on the verge of dying and defending my protege quite successfully, she never dropped below 70% or so. But – as expected – it was too much to handle, not in terms of being hard, but in terms of enjoyment. There’s like thousands of abilities to manage, and don’t forget you have to pay attention to boss, boss casting, adds, battlefield and your group mates too. If you enjoy tanking, you’ll love this arsenal and vibe. But for me – it’s just no. Gear sold, tanks and healers go on the shelf, presumably forever. But at least I can’t say I didn’t try! Now I can walk past GBR class quests in peace and never itch: what if it was actually great, and I would like it?

So… yeah:

  • Miqo’te: dragoon, monk, dancer, samurai
  • Lalafell: machinist, ninja, black mage, bard

Only these jobs to level and enjoy, and in this particular order. Until I level them all in Endwalker and get tooootally bored, this is my plan for the game of alts.

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