WoW: With a Little Help From My Friends

So… what about World of Warcraft?

It’s true, during the past week it seemed like this blog was about Final Fantasy, but for a reason. First of all, I was deep into the story there and approached its finale, so I just could not get away from it or think about anything else before I finished. Second, the game is still new to me, there’s tons to explore, and only now I’m starting to enter a sort of routinely gameplay. Third, I was not inclined to login into WoW for a while on its own.

It’s no wonder that Eternity’s End was the most underwhelming announcement and the least expected expansion so far. I have a beef with the list of patch announcers, I do. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for diversity and representation, but at the same time it must mean that the job done does not suffer. If Eternity’s End was introduced solo by an ethnic minority girl employee in her 20s, half of her hair dyed pink, half blue, piercing all over her skin, which accidently happened to be gay or non-binary person – I would not mind a very – single – bit. On one condition: she’s excited about the new expansion, she is happy to introduce the team’s work, and she’s chatting merrily about it, contaminating us, players with enthusiasm and expectation.

What we really got was a too obvious Ion/Muffinus-shaped hole in the roster of introducers, their absense ringing too loud while we know they’re not a part of the current lawsuit problem, replaced by Danuser which we all “like” as a head of modern WoW’s story failure, and a trio of very dull, no-name developers who did not share even a speck of enthusiasm – and judging by “water walking, wow!” don’t even clearly know what they’re doing and which game they’re talking about. They were clearly picked for minority representation, marketing reasons, and sadly, this is the only positive – actually, the only thing that could be said about them. See, this is exactly what players are afraid of: a march towards representation and quotas instead of quality, and that’s the proofest proof we got for our fears. I’m not talking about the actual job they’re doing (quest design and stuff), but their presentation of the new patch was a disaster, and that job they did explicitly bad.

Zereth Mortis itself struck me as a recycled everything, except for a robot race. I cannot tell anything in advance before I played the patch content myself – after all, an underwhelming Korthia appeared to be one of the best endgame zones I remember, and became even better since 9.1.5., but so far I’m really not excited to go to the final Shadowlands zone and raid, both for story-so-far and what we’ve seen about the new patch reasons. So, instead of sparkling my enthusiasm for the game, it tuned me down big time.

News about Bobby Kotick did not help at all. He always struck me as an iconic corporate boss villain, killing the game with monetization, stretching players into grind by demanding MAU and other things, but this oyster got cracked open from yet another different, disgusting angle last week – exactly the crucial harassment problem and reaction from ActiBlizz bosses. No need to say, he made all sorts of mistakes handling this issue in the past 6 months. For one, assigning Jen o’Neal as a token co-leader of Blizzard because minorities get harassed, underrepresented and underpaid, and still can’t help himself but UNDERPAY her when the lawsuit and scandal is ripe – well, it’s either idiocy or a movie-value villainy, apart from all the uncovered things from the past. But either way, even judging by cold blooded, corporate standards, this move does not deserve further employment. Employees are still struggling, there’s no visible resolution on the horizon, so the future of the company after 6 months is still vague and dark.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, this universe, and I hope for the best for Blizzard and its employees, and I want and will see the whole thing till the end – whatever that might be. It’s just I’m not very excited about playing passionately, every day at a given time, like it has always been the case with me.

But this weekly rest from the game made me hop off the hamster wheel and actually made it enjoyable – who would have known?

I stepped back for a while and evaluated my current farming state. And I invented a new approach: every alt works for one common goal at a given time. Practically, this means that whenever an alt has a 1k of anima, she transfers it to the current alt.

This was a very climactic thing today. I had 2k here and 5k there, on this and that alt, and they just sent it all to one alt in my roster. So what I acquired today:

  • Final weapon apperance for offerings – all mogs are done and no more offerings quests
  • Venthyr mount for 7500 anima
  • Kyrian Renown 77 set for 10000 anima
  • Fae Renown 77 set for 10000 anima

On top of that, I finished Death’s Advance rep on a couple of toons and bought one of the Exalted venthyr sets and a kyrian mount.

My spreadsheet shrank by a mile today, and that was simply amazing. What I have left is 600 stygia for the final Korthia venthyr set, 20k for venthyr Renown 77 sets, and we are left only with Fae sets of Winter Court/Conservatory.

I’m still sticking to my plan: Korthia, period. I’d better lead many alts across its available anima quests, grabbing Korthia rares on the way, rather than waste my time for travel to other zones – not even for world bosses. It just pays off so much better.

And the key point is: finally, I’m doing it at my leisure time, and when I feel like to do it. If I’m eager to spend a day in WoW, like today – great! If I have a spare 30 minutes and feel like a WoW session – also great, cause those minutes would pay off with 2-3k worth of anima, a palpable step towards the finish.

I’m in a lull now in WoW. The dinner is eaten, the drinks are drunk, what is left is lazily picking a grape or a spoon of a dessert from the table.

Sorry if this blog could be more FFXIV for the time being – too little things are happening in WoW, most of all, worth writing about, but when I have any thoughts worth sharing – rest assured, I’m hopping on the train at once!

P.S. Oh, I made myself visit Tanaris, got a toy and a mount from the holiday world boss. Also – the best gift for a running 6-month sub: baby murloc backpacks in 3 colors. They are live murlocs, they are moving, they’re doing “Boo!”, they’re eating fish :)

One thought on “WoW: With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. As much as I might dislike Bobby Kotick for the way he runs a multi billion dollar juggernaut of a company, he’s been doing it for 30 years. He’s made the major shareholders a boat load of money, and threats from groups controlling 0.6% of the stock, or the Blizzard employees signing a piece of paper? He’s not going anywhere. In his mind all those that have a problem with him can easily be replaced by people itching to get a shot.

    I do agree about the preview, my first thought was who are these people, which was replaced quickly with a, I see what you’re trying to do there. You really need a used car salesman to hype the game now. We’ve all played it for so long that we easily pick up on rehashed ideas and systems, we know what we like, we certainly know what we dislike. Most everyone I know still playing is running through their backlog of Alts, and making money to pay for their sub. It’s crazy the difference 3 years makes. There doesn’t seem to be any passion in the design. Maybe that’s what it really needs, someone passionate and animated to be the face we see all the time hyping things up, listening when we say it’s not going to work.


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