Anima Must Flow: Of Benching and Korthia

You think you would bench you alts, but you don’t.

That’s right, offerings farm is officially done, as are offering related transmogs and mounts, and now I’m at the final leg of my 9.0./9.1. journey. My only limit today is how much anima I would carry out per session.

Necrolord alts particularly have nothing left to farm for their Covenant rewards, and you would think they deserved a rest, right? Wrong!

As I said before, the biggest value is travel time, and that brings us to: denying Covenant zones and focusing on Korthia. In a course of a 15-20 minute session an alt is able to scrape about 800-1000 anima from Korthia alone: chests, mushrooms, daily quests and rares on the way. Add a weekly Fate quest which grants another 500 and is completed naturally. And an option to hop out to Oribos, purchase 1000 anima blobs for transfer and send them across the account. You see where I’m heading?

That’s right, all my alts are now parked in Korthia. Whenever I’m in the mood to play WoW (and I am, cause the gameplay is very rewarding for time/effort rate, plus the end of the tunnel time), I would hop on an alt which feels like playing and complete a round of Korthia daily activity. I would drain rewards into a convenient new reservoir at the archive cave, see if I have a 1000, and if I do, I send it to the alts requiring anima.

You see how brilliant the current scheme is? Even if Fae must be in focus, it does not need to be just Fae – or even any Fae vacuuming all the zones to maximize their income, suffering from endless flights from world quest to world quest. It is much more effective – also entertaning and comfortable to hop on, say, a necrolord shaman if I feel like so, get a ton of anima in Korthia in a course of a few minutes, and deliver it to narrow places, then transfer to another alt. Travel time cut completely!

Techincally the anima pool is now common for my whole roster. This simple quality of life improvement allows me a total freedom of how much, on what alt and in what manner I could play the game, and this is insane how motivated I am. No weekly goals also helps a lot: whenever I have an hour, or two, or eight to spend, I would logout with a palpable sense of progress – and not exhausted at the very least. Fun detected!

Tip on Stygia farming: if, like myself, you’re farming stygia for cosmetics too, here’s the most essential source list:

1. Know your Korthia rares which grant stygia. Normally it’s everything that pops out of the shade rifts, the Chamber bosses, and my favorite Consumption is a treat you’d never want to miss – for stygia and anima both.

2. Aim for Mawsworn cashes. I would wave away mushrooms, but not these sweet spiky chests.

3. Be a dear and do a rare hunt round in the Maw. Clearing Zovaal’s cauldron and 4-5 bosses along Gorgoa river, without stretching yourself too much, would grant about 500-700 stygia in 15 minutes.

My goal spreadsheet is ceasing, I’m enjoying my gameplay, I have goals to work toward to which are almost complete. It’s a perfect WoW endgame today – which sadly would come to a soon end before long.

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