9.2. Eternity’s End: Underwhelmed

Everything about this announcement feels underwhelmed.

“Diversity” of the speakers felt so artificial that it did more worse than it did good.

Literally nothing about terrain or creatures or races felt interesting, it’s been a pile of secondhand crap.

The very idea of an afterlife realm forge feels disconnected. So… they’re still tinkering afterlife realms?


New faction to grind rep and currency, with miscalculated effort/time/income rate.

New raid, a pile of secondhand crap.

New raid sets are crap:

You will never guess which class wears which (well, except demon hunter which is betrayed by its horns).

All in all, the announcement leaves an impression of yesterday’s meal, slightly heated in a microwave. There’s literally no imagination, vision or a spark, it’s some generic environment that I literally shrugged and waved away until release. The thing that we STILL do not know why we’re even chasing Jailer, what are the stakes, and what he’s planning, does not help a lot.

The only thing that is good news about this patch is that it will be the last one. Oh, and robot voices were funny.

The only thing that could now save SL finale is gameplay. I was least inspired about Korthia, and it appeared one of the best endgame zones in WoW history. Zereth Mortis could provide, or it could fail miserably – at this point, it does not even matter.

Just let’s get it over with.

8 thoughts on “9.2. Eternity’s End: Underwhelmed

      • Ah, I wouldn’t compare. FFXIV borrows from WoW, and vice versa, and they both borrow ideas from other games – it’s a good exchange imo, makes all titles work better.


        • Fair enough. I think my word choice came across as accusatory and harsh where it wasn’t meant to. It’s just that listening to them immediately took me back to Amarot. Also, I’m looking forward to your continued adventures in Shadowbringers.


  1. I’m so underwhelmed with the game right now I didn’t even click on the trailer you posted. Maybe it’s just a trifecta of bad circumstances, Covid, the harassment issues going on, and loss of jobs for various reasons. What ever is going on there, it’s feeling like the end days of Atari.

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    • I mean, I’m looking at a warlock set, and it could be shaman?.. priest?.. druid?..

      Of course, I’m trying to collect them all – LFR mode, just to have a landmark in my collection tab.


      • Yeah, that warlock set looks like anything-but-a-warlock. The priest and mage, while different enough to note that they are not the same set, don’t give enough indication to pick a class. Most of the other sets can be figured out with Paladin being the “well, there’s only one plate class left and this looks like plate, so it must be the paladin set.” I’m just going to write off the lack of class identity in these sets as a result of them being rusty from not making them for so long.


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