9.1.5.: Pumping Anima

Oh wow, this offerings business escalated fast!

Even with my Anima Conductor not at tier 3, take your toon in need of offerings for a covenant calling tour and see what happens. It’s a 6-9 drop per calling chest, so yes, that’s a massive treat. I’ve started this reset week with 765 offerings to go, and here we are:

That’s right, almost all 50-offering weapons purchased, even Kyrian are almost there, and mounts/back mogs are covered. 100 offerings to go, which is a question of a couple of days.

Now with only 4 toons on offering duty, my Sauron’s Eye turned to pumping anima. I still need some massive amount, not to mention Fae run. But with the current pace I’ll be there too soon.

All in all, current gameplay is exciting, cause I’m crossing out slots of my spreadsheet and purchasing something everyday – and never one, but many items. My time investment is super rewarding, and that’s how WoW should be.

But… we’re looking at a lull time in a very, very close future?

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