9.1.5.: What Does It Bring to Me Personally?

Spoiler: not much.

I’m on a roll with my goals, and I’m doing pretty well. See that “765” number in the corner? It’s the number of grateful offerings left to farm across my roster, and I must say it’s not a lot, as a week and a half back I had 2300 to go.

My Fae are done with grateful offerings, now full on their massive anima quest for the remaining set recolors (Conservatory and Winter Court). Necrolords are almost there, weapons almost done and a couple already on the final mog pieces, offerings for back/mount. Venthyr are almost into anima too. Kyrian lack behind, but paladin and monk had insane number of weapons, and they also came last to the weapon stage.

I pumped up Korthia a bit on many alts – I could be there Exalted in less than a week if I wanted to, so it’s no bother. Stygia remains a minor problem, I think I would need some extra effort in the Maw once I’m done with all the rest.

Long story short, the pace is absolutely great. Yet 9.1.5. can help me to speed it all up a bit.

1. Offerings can now be obtained via Covenants callings – 8 per effort is a great boost, basically it doubles the daily income. My Kyrian especially are quite happy about it.

2. Anima can now be dumped in Korthia too, not just in the Sanctum – this is amazing, because Korthia remains to be the central hub and the major source of anima income. We now need to visit the Sanctum only for actual purchases, and this is a bliss, because travel time is the most precious resource.

3. Sending anima to alts – yes, please. Once I bench Kyrian, Necrolords and Venthyr, Fae would still be farming their appearances. Even if I do a complete anima round for every Fae, it would take little time, so why not to send the benched toons to grab more anima for them?

4. Repeatable Maw souls quest – this time gating is now off, and I have Fae Conservatories to build. Yes, I have plenty souls saved, but the final tier still requires some more.

5. Finally, a number of Legion raid mechanics have been nerfed for solo farming. I will test that, but later: it’s a lull activity, and I have more pressing matters at hand.

So yes, patch 9.1.5. brings improvements to us all, even myself – even on the last leg of 9.0. content farming :)

P.S. Oh yes, and I almost forgot: if you reach Renown 80 with a Covenant, all its cosmetic rewards are rumored to be shared across the roster no matter the Covenant, no need for hopping. I need to see that too, but it seems that mog options just multiplied by four.

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