Farming the Remaining Mogs: The End of the Tunnel & The Loop

After finalizing Renown, I have found myself in the most exciting, undemanding stage of no-routines gameplay. Reset days do not matter to me anymore, and the only limit is basically the daily offerings income cap.

My primary focus remains to be offerings. The primary goal is to cover Renown weapons (W1-W6 in my chart). After that, my toons could effectively drop the offerings activity altogether – or at least not do it on a daily basis. Campaign vendor weapon recolors (CW1-CW6) require only 10 offerings a piece, which could be acquired in 5-15 minutes, so it is possible to buy them immediately as long as I have enough anima.

Almost all of my Fae are now relieved from offerings duty and focus on anima runs. Good for them, as unlike other Covenants, they also need Conservatory/Winter Court sets – that’s around 60k+ anima per character (upgrading Conservatory and buying the sets themselves).

The agenda is as follows: as long as my character approaches the 50 offerings mark, it goes on an anima errand, and the required number of 3500 is achieved in a day or two.

The good news is: anima drought has officially ended now that I’m busy with it. I can easily carry out 2-4k a day, just by doing dailies and world quests. Korthia is a bliss: not only its dailies are the most steady and rich source of income, but an occasional rare on the way could drop 8-10 anima items. But I don’t forget about other zones too.

Oh, and I deliberately put off the Death’s Advance rep and stygia grinds. I’m doing pieces of Korthia anyways, so I let it accumulate naturally so far, then we’ll see if we need any grind at all.

My most favorite thing about the current, no routine gameplay is… well, there are no routines. I may choose to dig every nook and cranny for anima, or drop quests I don’t like, or do just a couple of them. I don’t need any whole roster runs anymore – daily, weekly or whenever. There’s nothing to catch up, there’s nothing to chase, there’s literally zero bother. All I know is every minute, every activity of my gameplay pays off so well, and makes it a palpable step to the end goal. And whether this is a 30 minute session, or a weekend of WoW – I feel only progress, while not worrying at the very least if other toons are “falling behind” or something.

Long story short, WoW has suddenly became so exciting and engaging, so rewarding for the smallest attempt, and so undemanding to stretching myself thin across the roster and time spent, that it’s my game #1 today. I don’t feel bored, I’m super engaged and happy to login.

I guess FFXIV waits until the lull now? :) Or at least until I begin to bench my WoW toons. I don’t feel like I need to rush with leveling before Endwalker expansion, I have all the time in the world – especially with the looming WoW lull on the horizon.

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