A Month into 9.0. Cosmetics Farm & 9.1.5/9.2. Perspectives

Well, this week is an important week in the 9.1. patch cycle. The final level of Renown effectively ends all sorts of routines in 9.1. patches for all my toons. There is still a small list of things to do there:

  • Get a lost razorwing egg mount – I have more than enough on many toons.
  • Try for an Escaped Wilderling mount recolor – all other Covenant event mounts are mine
  • Farm enough stygia and Exalted for the cosmetics remnants from Death Advance – not much left
  • Maybe… farm level 6 with archive on one toon to make it 100% of reputation achievements again
  • Still do a mini-amount of raid runs for the couple of weapon mogs.

And this is basically it. The Maw activities largely failed to interest me in 9.1. patch. I did what must be done with assaults – and I did not enjoy them, being not hard, but annoying activities. I did not kill any special “event” Maw elite and have no desire to farm them. I do not wave Korthia away, no, at least its anima rewards are too great to walk past them – 6-8 items per rare/quest is more than other zones offer. But I’m glad it stops being a routine and becomes an option.

Then there go 9.0. cosmetics – Renown and such, which I deliberately ignored in 9.0. itself due to anima drought. The progress was actually amazing, considering the number of toons on routines and no specific anima farming. I started with barely cloaks purchased, and this week I’m buying the final Renown set piece for the few remaining Cov/armor types.

Now I transfer to weapons, and already started doing them. It’s still a long grind, 50 offerings a piece, but it’s the end of the tunnel too. And Fae actually see some sense in extra building awards, so it’s more anima farming for them.

That all explained, here’s my progress/plan chart for 9.1. and 9.1.5.:

Obviously, Renown sets go away this week, as are Fate and Renown columns in the main chart. I wonder if Shaping the Fate weekly remains after 80, I think it does, but there will be no rush to end it on alts: as we know, its progress persists through the reset. So I could just take the quest and let it fill on its own whenever I’m killing rares or doing anima quests, collecting the Fate reward whenever it becomes available.

No rush is still my imperative, and yet I see myself in a month with weapons completed and going hard for Fae sets which require tons of anima. I think by the end of December – or even earlier – I will have nothing to do in Shadowlands that I’d like to do.

Which brings us to a hard lull and a question: should I let my sub expire in January?

I have an almost untouched Legion raid set farming, I do – even not all LFR sets are completed so far, mostly everything that was trash drop-only was left exactly for this moment and remains to be acquired. And I’d like to have an excuse to login WoW even if for an evening or two. Still, if there’s only Legion raids left by the end of January and no close perspective of 9.2., I’d probably won’t rekindle my sub until the new patch – for the first time in 10 years.

All in all, it depends on the content pace. For Blizzard not to lose its player base completely and maintain the player interest at least at the minimum level, there must be 9.2. PTR by the end of November, final patch roll out at Blizzcon February/March, along with PTR announcement of the next expansion, due no longer than November 2022/February 2023, and it better be a good one. We could live with the final raid for 9 months, 12 months could be a stretch (Pandaria, Draenor, anyone), but longer than that – a suicide for the game.

I hope for the best, I do, but I’m mildly pessimistic and expecting the worse. In any case, I’m eager to experience Warcraft story until the end and in person, however bad it could be. But I’m never happier when I also have things to do there, a meaningful progress to my lengthy personal goals which keeps me going from patch to patch without pauses.

I guess we shall see what happens next?

One thought on “A Month into 9.0. Cosmetics Farm & 9.1.5/9.2. Perspectives

  1. I like that you are looking at things and making them optional. I ignore the Maw with the covenant assaults being the only times I’ve really spent time there and now I don’t do those anymore. And, for me, interests change and I’ll find myself doing things that I skipped when found to be entertaining. I keep calling the Nov. 2nd patch the “cosmetic patch” but there will be a big upgrade chance for conduits via Korthia that will make raiders and dungeoneers more powerful with ease.


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