Toons on Promenade: WoW Transmog & FFXIV Glamour

I was kindly reminded that it’s been a while since I shared my current transmog status across my roster. As I’m a total show off, I don’t need to be asked twice. Let’s roll!


My main has not changed at all since BfA! She still wields the basic staff appearance of Legion’s Ebonchill, and her robe fits so well with ice and mage theme that I can’t get enough of it.


My priest is happy with her Black Temple set robes, the t-shirt sleeves are conveying this practical, down-to-earth looks that fits a combat medic. Staff is something I would probably never change: the revolving spheres are crying about life force, and golden/blue design is Alliance to the bone. The only addition is a Kyrian cloak, it really fits (not seen on the pic).


This PvP-obtained gothic robe is so metal and badass that my warlock wears it since Legion – actually, both warlocks did when I had two. I prefer staves of course, but for now she has to deal with a dagger – enchanted with a fel-fire for a green glow.


My rogue still goes with the looks I cobbled for the past Halloween: eerie green and pumpkin-colored hair (and eyes). I might change it in the next expansion, but so far this Hellfire Citadel set looks gorgeous and fits among the nobles of Sinfall where she dwells. Simple and elegant daggers.


Obviously, Pandaria-themed outfit and weapons from Siege of Orgrimmar for my monk. Practical, down-to-earth, oriental-themed.


My warriors, whoever they are, continue to love the armor and this particular axe from Northrend. I think that shoulders and belt came from Draenor too? Anyways, Northrend’s browns mean the field badass looks.


The skirts look gorgeous on gnomes, especially if on plate-armored ones, and Heart of Fear set is one of the few to allow that. The twin swords are simple, but practical, with an added frost glow.


My druid loved the winter-themed nature set of Ardenweald, so she went all the way through, weapon included. The only item off is the boots, I don’t like my toons barefoot. It’s the looks for now, I think in the next expansion I might go to brown/green forest colors.


Heart of Fear – again. I’m not too happy with the set actually, feels a bit motley. Someday I would play a bit with the looks, but to keep the forest-themed, brown/green forest theme. Weapon – Thori’dal, the star-themed, most elven bow in the game.


She wears that since BfA, a custom set, and I’m too happy with it to change it for anything else. Also the best spear in the game, and so far the only appearance she sees fit.


Upon a race swap from scorched-out, ashen Lightforged to a happier, livelier proper draenei she needed new looks. The solution was found with the Dragon Soul paladin set. Weapon – has not changed, a Draenor-themed crystal hammer.


Like my priest, the shaman Schlitzchen has always been a caring and practical, down-to-earth, calm person. Tomb of Sargeras is where I went for these amazing robes of practical, field brown and pure white. Weapons never changed since Draenor, the twin, lightning-charged, wrench maces. If you could only see the animations of this particular goblin performing this particular enhancement rotation, you’d get why I never plan to change them.


My final hunter is wearing one of my favorite custom sets which was worn by many hunters before her. Weapon – I think it’s a vanilla gun, I could desire nothing better, she looks so natural and gorgeous with it.


As Heltzen is a fire mage, I gave her the Arabic-themed, desert set. Maybe not the most practical in the field, but she feels so comfortable, gorgeous, and really stands out. The staff is a simplest one from vanilla, with a white pointed knob, and for reasons unknown the armory shows a frost glow, when in reality it obviously has a fire one.


My demon hunter is wearing a dark custom set, and quite basic purple warglaives.

There is also Final Fantasy XIV, and my characters are also doing transmogs there (or – glamours).

Sanya Ginsu

She won this spear appearance in a dragon-themed “vanilla dungeon”, my what a lucky drop it has been, and she wields it ever since. As for set, it’s a custom combination from Heavensward questing: tall boots and angel-like glove/chest combo.

Mark you, in FFXIV you can recolor most pieces into a hundred of different shades, and I went with festive red, which make her quite visible in the darkness of nights and dungeons, and also conveys quite a heroic look.

I have not met a single set that matches this chest piece yet, most dragoon options being good, but boring variations of knight armor, so I stick with that for two expansions already – ever since I got them.

Lolo Poppa

Finally, my Lalafell character is a machinist – that is, a steampunk gunslinger. She already has her favorite set of coat, pants and boots I could always go for, but it’s not it. The new questing items are quite interesting, so I’m wearing the current, un-glamored armors and replace them when I get the next one.

That will be all for tonight, hope you enjoyed the promenade :)

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