My 9.0. Goals

That’s right, your eyes don’t deceive you: 9.0.

My raiding has reduced to about 2-3 hours in a week (trying for dagger, bow and gun), and Renown rolls as it rolls. In 5 weeks it will be Renown cap for all alts, probably Exalted with Death Advance on most alts too or close to that – by natural course of events. And so the 9.1. patch activities will come to its logical end. I don’t know, maybe it’s On the Offensive achievement I want to do which will allow to buy final mounts, but in any case, it’s one assault on one character once in 3 days.

I’ve already turned the Sauron’s Eye of my alts towards Grateful Offerings farming, and it pays off very well. 5-10 minutes per alt makes it easy to do daily on all roster when Korthia duties are done for the week, but I’m not pushing too hard. If I manage, good. If I do a couple alt rounds a day, also good.

Still, I decided to fixate the official start of my 9.0. cosmetics farm – and where would I be without my spreadsheets and planning:

Turns out, we have not been completely idle, even if I bought 1-2 pieces per alt last week :) I’m positively surprised by my mount progress. Winter/Queen are Fae-only set chases, as I’m not planning court/path/stitching whatever activities on other covenants. Cape column is almost complete, because it’s the cheapest piece of all sets. And Fae cloth naturally finished first, because even if I keep my alts toe-to-toe, I still have my main :)

Well, this is us on September 22 – we shall see how fast the spreadsheet fills.

In any case, I’m looking at November as a 9.1. finale for my toons – with small goals here and there left, but 9.0. and 9.1. content largely consumed. 9.1.5. has lots of welcome QOL improvements, but it brings nothing new I’m interested in. Are we looking at another lull? I think we do. Maybe I will invent some activity just to have an excuse to pursue a goal in WoW and login, who knows.


Doing great with my machinist/black mage alt, made it to Azys Lla and eager to proceed. Skipping cutscenes on alt (except for the most epic ones) and learning your ways around makes leveling 3-4 times faster, so I’ll burn through Dragonsong in no time.

Dragoon alt is patiently waiting for her before they both enter Stormblood story :) Maybe I will push them simultaneously from that point, chapter by chapter. Catching up with the whole expansion on an alt is a long haul, longer than I find comforting.

Well, that’s my week and reset day, hope you’re having fun too :)

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