Farming Grateful Offerings

Well, we all know what that is by now, a currency earned in channeled Anima Conductor points of interest, required to get Renown rewards beside anima and all that. With current patch activities reduced to a couple of days after reset, I’ve decided it’s perfect time to farm them, so here’s my thoughts after a couple of rounds across Covenants.

Like everything with Covenants, the system is not well-shaped and has its flaws. Let’s run through what the system has to offer.

First of all, levels 1-2 of anima conductor are worth building and reinforcing, so you get 4 spots which could be of use. Level 3 is crap, and you may not waste anima if you’re not going for achievements: it adds a totally useless buff – which is time-limited and an exremely hard boss which is not advised to be approached without a group. For example, Kyrian version stomped my non-tank paladin into the ground in seconds. All you could get from Level 3 points are only 3 offerings – queue collecting a group for the kill. In my mind, not worth all the bother.

Level 1-2 points are roughly equal among Covenants and could be divided into 4 types:

Mini-boss – worth a kill, totally possible solo regardless of spec and class.

Treasure – complete a small puzzle to open a chest.

“Clicker” quest – easy and always worth doing.

Grind quests – a couple of dailies in one spot, each worth 3 offerings, but I’m normally skipping them. The design is flawed: not only you need to collect 18-30 quest items in open world or mow an alike number of enemies for quest items which is by definition A LOT, but also drop is not 100%, so you end up in a grinding loop for 10 or more minutes. I would take only collecting quests, which are tedious, but at least not that annoying, and by no means worry anymore for the grind quests.

Let’s break it covenant by covenant.

Kyrian / Bastion

Mini-boss: an abomination which spawns at necrolord invasion point once you toot the horn. It has an incapacitating ability, which is annoying, but like all bosses, not dangerous. Tip: it spawns in necrolord invasion area, but you want to lure it where kyrian and necrolords fight, so NPCs would help you.

Treasure: click on a bell in a building to spawn a moving circle maze and avoid all the blue spots to get to the chest. Once you touch a blue spot, you’re teleported to the beginning, but fear not: you might simply mount and fly straight to the chest now. Bonus: a chance for mount drop. Tip: before clicking the bell, kill enemies around, because you cannot fight with the debuff and have to wait out 2 minutes if you aggro someone.

Clicker quest: Limbo, which requires to judge 3 souls by clicking “Proceed to Shadowlands” or “Return to Life” bell. Easiest quest ever, 30 seconds tops – if you click the wrong one, just wait till 3-sec debuff wears out and click another.

Grind quests: Forgelite spot, I’m picking only collection quest and only if in the mood and have time to do so. Kill a million to get 20 drops is not worth it imo.

Night Fae / Ardenweald

Mini-boss: Queen’s theater, talk to NPC to fight an actor impersonating a raid boss from the past. Almost always it’s safe to kill it, only “N’Zoth” may cause trouble because “tentacle” actor adds.

Treasure: mount and touch 5 blue firefly plants to unlock a moonlight pod. In a while, you’ll learn where all possible locations are. Tip: one of the plants could spawn just outside the eastern gate, not in the settlement.

Clicker quest: Get a flute or a gormling to throw and collect 8 gormlings. Easy and fast, with the small bother of common wandering creatures if you’re not careful.

Grind quests: Droman Aliothe spot – as always, poking sleeping souls and collecting lilys is ok, but don’t engage in a killing grind.

Necrolord / Maldraxxus

Mini-boss: Gieger abomination – pull a thread to summon it and kill. Nothing dangerous about it, drops a mount.

Treasure: House of Chosen holds a chest. Find and click 3 rune plates in the area. The area is small – basically it’s this building where the chest is, and if you aggro mobs, they’re non-elites, so it’s not too hard to do. Be careful not to touch tauralus though, these guys can stomp you in the ground, so careful with AoE spells.

Clicker quest: as we’re in Maldraxxus, it’s a fighting quest. Fill the bar or kill a certain number in House of Plagues ruins. Kinda grindy, but nothing worse than a normal world quest, it’s quick, so worth it.

Grind quests: Nurakkir spot – spider cave is worth doing (collect weapons or kill 8 spiders), and a gift from heavens if you need to kill an abomination right on quest spot. Grind-me-twenty quests – is a no-go.

Venthyr / Revendreth

Mini-boss: A bat in the south. To summon, find a ballista bolt by closest settlement rampart and ask the big guy to shoot it at the bat. Totally safe – if you’re keeping your back to the zone, not the abyss, because the bat would push you hard and far sometimes.

Treasure: by Halls of Atonement, click a gravestone and climb a ghost ladder to reach treasure. Invasive mushrooms in Korthia offer harder challenges, so totally fine. Tip: you get a no-mount buff so you can’t simply fly there. Once you get the treasure, you can cancel this buff by click to mount again, and not to wait while it wears off.

Clicker quest: a vehicle fight, mount a stoneborn gargoyle and use the mighty number of 3 buttons to mow the mobs around. Quick and easy, worth doing.

Grind quests: Pridefall Hamlet holds the very same tedious quests: grind me a million or collect me a million. Quite compared to other covenant grinds, so it’s up to you whether you want them or not.


Personally, I’m skipping grind parts in every Covenant – even collection quests in most cases, and settle with boss, treasure and clicker tasks. The whole round per alt takes you about 10-15 minutes, which is important with the number of characters I have. In any case, grind quests are such a frustration and a waste of time that I would sacrifice the speed of collecting offerings, stretching the task across more days and weeks rather than suffer through another piece of bad design.

3 thoughts on “Farming Grateful Offerings

  1. With my toons, I’m doing the Treasure Box and the extra World Quest (what you’ve called “Clicker”). I decided that the miniboss and the collection/grind quests just weren’t worth the bother. I’ll always do the Treasure Box, but I tend to only do the Clicker quest if the reward is 4-5 Anima tokens and I’m not feeling overly tired.

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