Trivia: WoW Sets Done & FFXIV Heavensward Complete

Another week, another reset, another review of my activities.


Most importantly, Sanctum of Domination for plate toons done, and they’re benched! This was also the final set to complete:

Well, I’m not done with the raid yet, but Sanctum is now definitely not the primary activity. Remnant and Sylvanas are left to get Pins the Rogue her daggers, and – even if I have 3 hunters – none of them succeded yet with bow and gun from Soulrender and Guardian respectively.

I’ve completed all Korthia quest sets, so I can cross out stalking them dailies:

Mark you, I loved this collection quest design: it’s been exciting to check out for the mog quests daily, they had an anti-frustration mechanism built-in (it’s a guaranteed unlearned piece every time, on every alt and quest), and world quests were quite easy to complete – as all Korthia quests. Whoever designed this deserves a raise.

And so, what is left is the usual Renown quest activity and gaining anima/offerings/stygia at a leisure pace to finish the content. Mark you, I’m nowhere close to that – even if I decided not to go for level 3 buildings except Fae, there’s a lot of lazy grind looking at me. Income’s great though, both with anima and offerings: you only need to get started. I think I may do an armor type or a Covenant at a time not to burn out with all-alts thrown in the furnace.

I definitely want Exalted with Death’s Advance – at least on 4 Covenant toons, I’ve not decided if I’m doing On the Offensive assault achievement which is required to purchase mount recolors, and I’m up for Archivists Codex Exalted once for achievement.

All in all, the current patch duties are closing to an end, and I’m turning back to 9.0. activities which could finally be approached.


Lo, I finished Heavensward expansion, including the side raid arc of Azys Lla, and it was great as advertised. I’m sensing a pattern here: while major expansion story content is kinda… okay, the patches which continue and finalize the story, and bridge to the next expansion feel like they’ve been written by totally different people.

It’s not like first they set a stage, no. Epic things and resolutions are happening in major story too, but as you proceed to patches, it’s immediately like someone pulled a switch. It’s like a bleak canvas draft becomes colored. Story becomes more Game of Thron-esque, with twists and turns, heavily driven emotionally, and makes you awe with epicness and cry and feel for the characters, good and bad.

Criticism: even after Dragonsong War got its resolution, I still don’t buy the conflict. Well, not conflict, but the end of it. Surely we killed the warmongerest warmonger dragon which inspired and ignited the war throughout millenium, but still it made a very bad impression on me. We’ve been fed the tale that dragons don’t forgive and don’t forget, and this is as well as happened yesterday for them, the reason they fight.

Now suddenly they said “ok, we let it go”. Huh? So they didn’t really care after all? Or they were so spineless to only follow what the dragon in charge tells them to do – again, not caring enough to proceed without him? I mean, it’s not logical. They want revenge, they’re doing revenge, and suddenly they say “nah, ok, we’re good”. People of Ishgard kingdom had their turning moments, yes, but nothing like that happened in dragon camp – nothing fate-turning to drop the war – moreover, to fight their own breed.

No questions to the Ishgard part of the story though, it was awesome. The Warriors of Darkness story was cool, and had so many moving moments. The idea of balance between Light and Dark is great, I totally dig it, and I hoped for the same idea to be implemented in WoW for while. Uncontrolled Light is evil too, as already proved by alternate Draenor’s Yrel in game and Turalyon from pre-Shadowlands novel. I wonder if the invasion of Light from alternate Draenor – from the Light Portal and fanatical Turalyon seizing reins of the Alliance in Anduin’s absense would be the theme of the next WoW expansion?

Ok, back to FFXIV, next we had a bridge to Stormblood events. The twist of the Griffin – I really should have guessed who it was before I bumped right into the boss in the dungeon, I had all the clues on my hands. But it was great, and his multi-layered plan too, in every sense: practically every action of the good guys was predicted and played in his favor, that’s been genius.

And whatever it takes to get rid of Yda and Urianger’s masks, too bad Urianger went back to his ugly outfit. Yda’s secret was not really necessary, really – I think they’ve overdone it.

All in all, the story does not disappoint: another “season” and arc “watched”, it was cool, and the group content is just as inventive and fun to deal with as before. But before I proceed, I have my alt to catch up.

About Jobs

As you know very well, I’m not fond of tanking and healing – being too responsible roles to my liking, and not letting to admire boss design and dungeon design, because when you’re distracted – the group goes down. You don’t get to look at the dungeon, as you’re busy with health bars as a healer and keeping pace as a tank. A dps at least can mistake at certain moments, even die, and in general feel more free – mostly in FFXIV it’s hitting hard, avoiding boss aoe and killing adds, pretty self-explanatory.

I have even less urge to play tanks and healers in FFXIV than in WoW. The dungeons and raids, at least during leveling, are a one-time thing, and spending 5 minutes reading tactics not to fail the group only to spend the same 5 minutes in the dungeon and never come back is kinda a waste of time. So: 7 jobs are out of question, simple as that.

I’ve got two toons now, a Miqo’te dragoon (to-be melee toon) and a Lalafell black mage (to-be ranged toon).

I love my Dragoon a lot, it’s an amazing job for its complex rotation, powerful and slow blows, lots of planning and in general great and satisfactory animations. And did I mention I’ve always been a sucker for spears, even if they’ve never been the best weapon in any game, I still always tried to use them? Having a spear-only class is a gift from heavens.

Out of melee dps jobs, I’m mildly – mildly – interested in Samurai, and that’s it. Monk and ninja – no, I’d rather not in this game. So maybe I would try samurai one day when I’m bored, but generally I’m ok to think about her as a dragoon knight, period.

As for ranged toon – my Lalafell – it’s a bit more complex. I always loved ranged dps classes most, and the only one that does not attract me here is archer/bard. Black mage is simple and hilarious, I want to keep it up for EXPLOOOSHUN at any time being. Still, it’s very-very slow (part of the charm) – for example, WoW’s destro warlock feels like a machine gun compared to black mage. And – the sickness of mages all over the games – squishy. I can’t imagine how I would survive certain leveling gauntlets where I barely made it with my dragoon, but we’ll see.

I’m interested in Summoner – but tell me, do I get to keep this ghost squirrel to level cap? If it changes to some bulky daemon as I get more spells, it feels like a waste of time :)

And – I’m leveling Machinist job now, which feels amazing. I love everything about this job so far, up to the last thing. Gunslinging is cool, steampunk gunslinger is even more cool, and it playes super fast and logical. Well, I guess that’s my Lalafell in Heavensward – once I get there.

I’ve tried Palace of the Dead which is rumored to be the fastest way of leveling – yep, exactly as disgusting as Torghast. I’d tolerate this if it levels me fast, so far I did two runs and got one level (machinist starts at 30), so it’s yet to be seen. I’ve read leveling guides, so I would try this and that to see what works better.

That’ll be it for the week, see you on the other side.

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