Trivia: Raid & Other Farm

My raiding ended on second reset day this week – vault has brought me another couple of wanted things, and it’s only been 7 toons cherry picking bosses. Raid itself dropped a couple items more, and this is what is left:

So, basically it’s first bosses of wing 2 and 3 for my hunters for gun and bow, a couple of daggers for Pins the Rogue, and a couple of plate armor things to finish the set. Most importantly, I’m almost relieved of Sylvanas runs and all the last bosses of all wings. Quiver drop for my hunters was the king’s gift:

Hey, guess what? Two of my hunters are Marksmanship (my favorite spec, a night elf archer and a goblin gunner), and third hunter is Survival, because I enjoy this spec a lot – and it frankly deserves to be a class of its own. So guess what? Of course it dropped to my survival hunter. Now to figure out if small crossbow sting ability shoots count for the item bonus, lol :) But I’m not too disappointed, because I got this unique quiver mog, and all hunters are relieved from the wing 4 queues and runs.

Now I’m frantically farming Fate quest, and I’m close to weekly duty completion too:

As you see, I got Death’s Advance mog farming planned already, because it requires stygia and Exalted, and I need to track this to see which toons would go for it.

I’m starting to build level 3 buildings, and reinforced almost all 4 anima channels for conductor tier 2.

I’m 2 items away from completing necrolord and both venthyr Korthia daily sets – so this is next quest proc, and I’m done here. A piece of advice: previously I thought that mog quest pops up when there are 3 npc questgivers from the same covenant come to Korthia (as in: today is venthyr time!). No, it can be just one guy from venthyr, or fae, or whatever, among questgivers, and he/she could supply you with the mog quest.

When done with Korthia, I will continue with FFXIV, but I will also be completing WoW story campaign on remaining alts. I think it’s gonna be 50/50, as I said, WoW is farm, and FFXIV is lore pregnant and the new stories only.

So this is my week in WoW so far. Several steps more towards my goals. Korthia is amazing and 9.1. in general is so great! Loving my days here.

4 thoughts on “Trivia: Raid & Other Farm

  1. You mentioned FFXIV. If I may – if you didn’t already look into it, check out GW2 as well. They have tons of content, a unique art style (granted, some might not like it, but that’s the case with WoW as well), MORE collectibles than WoW has (if you can believe this), much better looking transmog, very detailed mounts with individual travel skills, etc, etc, etc. And they are issuing a new expansion in 2022, and two previous ones were spectacular and were very well received. I am also a WoW guy, but where other people are reaching for FF, I am reaching for GW2 (and frankly am thinking about switching to making it my main game and relegating WoW to the role of a sidekick).


    • Thanks for the advice. I heard about Guild Wars, but haven’t tried it yet, although I’m trying this and that MMO from time to time (neither stayed for long btw). Maybe in the next content drought, but so far I have my hands full and happy with both titles, FFXIV and WoW :)


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