Hell of a Grind!

My August was a bit slacking considering the raid routines and gameplay in general, as 3 weekends in a row I’ve been out of town to travel to different cities and going to in-city events IRL. And my God, it’s been so good to again plunge my teeth deep into the proper grind as this step of a WoW patch deserves!

As always in WoW (and other games), devotion pays off, and I’ve managed to finish leather and chainmail sets:

Few important weapon drops also made their way to my collection: a 2H sword from Kel’Thuzad, a Fist weapon from Painsmith and an agility staff from the Guardian. So what is left is basically this:

I also got very busy with Fate/Anima routines and chain-killed Sylvanas for the final quest on all alts. Long story short, by the middle of Sunday I’ve already completed every duty on all alts – the weekly, the Sylvanas kill-and-quest and all bosses that had to be killed:

It’s weird to be out of duties this early in the week :) Well, of course it’s good, as I could play FFXIV before reset… or more WoW?

Of course I’ve lots to do in WoW even now – I could farm anima specifically in world quests, I could earn grateful offerings or stygia quests in the Maw, but I think I’ll make it a thing after I’m done with the raid. I think now I want to catch up with the campaign on alts – Renown, rich anima rewards and completing my chart attracts me most.

Sylvanas kills were quite different – 15 kills are already a statistics I think. Normally it’s 0-4 determination stacks. People need to learn three things: not to rush and not to fall off the bridges, to focus big elites fast so the next bridge gets unlocked sooner and we had time to interrupt Ruin, and to switch platform on phase 3 for Arrow and Raze casts. Otherwise, the encounter is very simple.

I’ve taken the leader role naturally, always ready to explain the encounter before fight and providing guidance during the encounter itself. My best run was with Heltzen the mage, when I explained everything before fight and we killed her from the first pull, with all people surviving to the end. My worst run with Maylune the druid, the last but one, where we accumulated 5 stacks, my fingers went hoarse from typing, and we even kicked the “raid leader” who just didn’t pass me the flag so I could type the raid warnings (btw, raid warnings immediately paid off and did the trick). My most amusing run was with Schlitzchen – the last alt – when I was early – and the only guy! – to fall from the brdige, but other players went flawlessly and finished her in the first pull too.

The boss is not overtuned, so stacks are not really required. It’s just a question of awareness, encounter knowledge, and cold, almost mathematical execution. We’ll see what gear vault gets us upon reset, but there are at least Sylvanas-unique rogue’s dagger and hunter’s quiver drops, as well as shared drops for shield and plate set shoulder piece, so it seems I’m still gonna be on her for a while.

All in all, I’m super motivated to play WoW right now. The dopamine injections of getting transmog loot and crossing it out from the duty list, releasing my toons from raid duties and benching them, the feeling that I’m closing in to the end and making room for other activities, and people learning the encounters so that even the calamities of the third wing start to fade – it’s that stage of the raid life that is most awarding and exciting.

And even with the duties done, I want some more WoW for myself. Well, campaign grind it is: it’s growing on my nerves, it has to be done, and now I have time for this :)

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