Trivia: Sylvanas Incoming

Once you see the final raid cinematic on the first night when a raid goes live, the climactic encounter seems so far from LFR perspective. And yet: here we are, tomorrow I’m finally pummeling the big bad’s face!

As always, the six weeks of the first wings have come and gone in a bliink of an eye. The reason? Transmog and new patch stuff are a fun ride, and Chains of Domination were not an exception.

Maybe for the first time in history I’ve managed to collect a raid set – and all weapons before the final boss even went live. True, it’s only for cloth casters (including my main), but still fascinating. Anyways, I’m closing to the end of transmog hunt – and my progress is good enough to produce the leftover chart, sorted by wings and bosses:

With 4 toons already benched, I’m putting an extra effort in farming the remains, cause I want to reduce the raid runs weekly time even more and have space for other activities.

My major progress chart tracks multiple things:

  • Renown – is no bother or pressure, but I like to take a glance at the column and immediately see which toon falls behind and needs attention.
  • Fate – the weekly Renown quest is useful to track. When in progress, the column contains the percent of completion upon logout. I don’t track 1k anima quest, because it’s always completed as a side effect through other activities. Progress erased weekly.
  • Raid – naturally, I mark it when all required bosses on character are killed, and it also helps to see which toon should apply for Gear Vault on reset day. Progress erased weekly after checking Gear Vault.
  • Necro -> Sylvanas – naturally, the campaign chapter progress. As you see, I’m slacking big time :)
  • Transport -> Special – easy to guess, this is Covenant building status. This is where I put all my anima, because when time comes to farm the anima sets, I need all the upgrades ready.
  • Finally, Ch – means the number of reinforced Channels in Anima Conductor. My current maximum is 4, so this is the goal so far.

So, lots of gameplay awaits me – ironically, most 9.0. farming made its way to my 9.1. activities. But I’m glad I always have a reason to login, and I’m glad about also the progress I’m making. As I said, the topmost goal today is to finish with the raid transmogs and bench as many alts as possible – relieving me of queues time and making room for othe activities in WoW – and now also FFXIV. But don’t get me wrong, the farming time is super exciting!

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