Trivia: WoW and FFXIV Whereabouts

As I’m playing both games pretty actively now, I decided I may write split posts considering my progress. Naturally, the blog is first and foremost WoW-devoted, so this part always comes first.


My raiding last week was not quite successful – except for a couple of weapons, there was little to boast about. Also I was out of town for weekend. So my major gaming window was not used, and I did not even manage to do Fate/Anima quests on all toons apart from raiding. But this week has started with a blast! My first raiding set is complete and earned me an achievement:

Of course, it’s been my cloth team, as I always started with my main, then healer, and then warlock and a remaining mage, so they all did not miss a week:

Moreover, weapons for them are also complete. Micromantica had a very, very lucky staff drop last week, unique model from Kel’Thuzad, so other cloth alts did not even finish wing 3. And Jellica the Priest, the one cloth class which can wield maces, got this drop today.

What now? A single Sylvanas kill for quest next week and the biggest chunk of anima so far, and my cloth alts are benched from raiding until 9.2!

Other alts also are not far from the end, at least concerning their armor sets:

Many weapons to earn though. And I need to push Pins the Rogue, cause she’s the only one able to learn agility daggers, and there are two of them. One from Sylvanas only :)

Slacking with campaign on alts – I think I’ll push it when raids will take less of my time. It’s tedious, but I’m a completionist and anima rewards are too great to ignore. Also, we must not forget about Renown.

Micromantica starts to earn Exalted chests, and here’s what she got today, I never believed this:

I mean, I don’t care about the pet itself, but the name!

Raiding this week has barely started, we’ll see what drops it brings us. Lots of work-work to do – and I’m eager to do it. Sadly, Korthia wears thinner in excitement, at least it takes 10-15 minutes per alt.



Despite having lots on my hands in WoW, I just played FFXIV two days straight before reset – just felt like it. The major time was devoted to finally completing “vanilla” – A Realm Reborn questline on my main (Black Mage Lalafell) and getting her into the next expansion content – Heavensward.

Speaking of content gating, I had an unpleasant surprise. There was a side quest story which dealt with a mysteriously locked Crystal Tower which we mysteriously had to unlock, see what’s inside, and seal it back, cause the world’s not ready for its technologies. The story was moderately interesting (well, actually not, it was a bore) and included 3 raid runs, but that’s not the question.

Problem is, this questline is required to proceed with the main story, and the gating happens out of nowhere by the end of Main Story Quest. You are on the finishing line, you have 4 quests left to finalize the expansion… and oops. Imagine you’re in the middle of a Kyrian chapter, you saw Uther’s memories and should go to Forsworn citadel to claim it… and it’s gated. They suddenly tell you – out of nowhere! – that you can’t proceed until you completed intro to Taza’vesh and Taza’vesh dungeon. I wonder what a shitstorm Blizzard would get for that design.

Ok, it wasn’t that awful as I’m trying to describe here, and I participated in what appeared to be the raid activity – 20+ players – which was a mess, but fun enough. But that gating!

The Main Story, as I picked it up later, was worth all the waiting though. The amount of treachery and murders, inevitable by the grand betrayal scheme design, was simply awesome. What happened in the last 30 minutes of A Realm Reborn would be enough to fill a Game of Thrones season or two! And the infamous Red Wedding of the TV series seemed like a baby compared to the FFXIV events that transpired. The whole vanilla ended on a cliffhanger with our hero and a couple of her friends so deep in a butt that I can’t even imagine how we could steer out of there.

They also killed my favorite story character for plot.

Anyways, my main arrived to the icy-knighty kingdom of Ishgard and entered the events of the first expansion:

I did an introduction tour in the city, and I’m very eager to learn what happens next. But it has to wait. First of all, I have WoW on my hands. Second – I explained it before – I don’t want a lore BSOD overheating in my head. Luckily, I have an alt for this very case.

I love my alts for a number of reasons, in WoW, FFXIV and everywhere! Mostly, they do not let to overheat with your main – both lore or chore-wise. And this is exactly what I need now.

Yesterday’s evening was totally devoted to my lancer. She has already started the post-50 level questline, and I finished a couple patches of lore with her, also running multiple unlocking dungeons in my wake. FFXIV encourages not to have alts, but is actually friendly to them. Once you’ve seen – once you’ve read the lore on your main and don’t have to pay attention, especially this soon, skipping dialogues and cutscenes whips up your alt leveling by x10 times.

So, the further development will be getting Sanya Ginsu through the vanilla and to Heavensward expansion, like my “main”, then well see what the story prepared for us next.

Yes, FFXIV is everything as advertised – the story beyond amazing, and visuals start to get better. Yet again, I repeat: the story has a very different approach than WoW and cannot be compared to it. FFXIV started with a very bleak traditional MMO and Star Wars mix-mash. But as of now they’ve found their own niche (unique for MMO) of a traditional anime development, centered on characters and their schemes and relations, not an epic painting of battles between Good and Evil nations, and it works very well.

5 thoughts on “Trivia: WoW and FFXIV Whereabouts

  1. Crystal Tower was retroactively made obligatory in patch 5.3, which is why it feels shoehorned. There is a reason for it, but I won’t spoil it.
    As for ARR ending, it’s a great moment, but I’m still bitter at how badly it was continued. Again, no spoilers, but you’ll see what I mean pretty soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, I understand Nero is a big character, and I actually liked him a lot. Probably they needed this story to continue his lore. My beef is they could stick this requirement between chapters, not in between one of them.


  2. *No spoilers*

    Knowing where you are in the story, you’re very close to something that I really want to know what your reaction will be. Even if it’s not worthy of a full post, I’d love to hear your comments on the last couple MSQs in this zone.


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