Trivia & Plans

The pace of acquiring raid transmogs is actually pretty amazing in this patch and raid! Cloth and chainmail toons are almost there, and plate/leather armors got just 3 items each left. And raid wing 3 is not even opened yet!

The great thing is that I expect Sylvanas to give us some hard time in LFR, and the only unique appearance she offers is a rogue’s knife. So all other toons might just complete a single quest run for a big anima chunk, and be done with her.

Of course, there must be some sneaky weapon that I would farm in months and months, but so far the drop and vault are quite positive. Never before I was this close to the finish this early.

My raid wing runs are greatly reduced. I need only a shield and a plate feet mog from Tarragrue in wing 1, so I haven’t seen Eye or The Nine encounters at all this week. Some toons also already need just a couple of bosses from wing 2, so not everyone has enough kills for the vault :) And this is good, because I can keep up with my other activities – just as planned, despite the new raid wings.

I’ve got the Kyrian mount recolor from Popo’s Patrol, so this one is off the grid, and Popo’s run now turns into a common optional rare. Still need an Escaped Wilderling for Fae, which I done many times, no luck yet, and a mount from Venthyr event in the southern island where I arrived only once.


The core idea of this patch in my camp is relaxed gameplay. I’m not pushing any grinds now, it’s still 1000 anima/Fate quests for Renown and raid runs, and still making a visible progress.

Only when I’m done with the raid’s transmog, I’ll set off for currency grind – reputations, assaults, world quests, dailies and world bosses. Anima, grateful offerings and stygia – there’s plenty, and it has to be done on all toons, because unique Covenant/armor type sets. But we also have plenty of time for that, as we’ll see the next (hopefully final) Shadowlands patch not earlier than November. I expect it to be a relaxed and diverse gameplay – maybe I would focus on armor type, or specific Covenant toons at a time, we shall see. In any case, there is a transparent goal and a total control of my activities and what these activities bring.

When the farming time comes, I’m aiming to have all anima income bonuses from buildings/renown. Blizzard also helps: at this reset, the stygia income from Maw dailies is doubled, and an increase in stygia drops from common mobs is planned too.

So… I’m looking at months of a visible and tangible progress in my collections ride. The developers have finally found the balance of time and effort spent and the reward income, and this is exactly what I expect from my endgame WoW. Transparent lengthy goals which do not rely on RNG and providing all the means to gradually work on them at my own pace without stretching myself. Me likey.

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