Trivia: A Month into 9.1. & Week 3 in the Sanctum

Surprisingly, even the addition of another raid wing in LFR did not stall my progress, and I manage to keep up:

Btw, I’m tracking the Covenant building process now – it’s where I’m investing all my anima. The chart was almost all green before 9.1., so we’re doing good.

The weekly imperative for my alts is maintaining Fate/Anima renown levels quest duo, and I cope with that without any special effort. In fact, Korthia remains to be super exciting – so I would stay there even more than I should and planned for the current alt session. Just another rare… another chest… Oh well, other alts do require attention, don’t pull the blanket all to yourself! xD

What surprised me is that Dark Bastille raid wing was woven in without effort. True, raid wing 1 is expiring as I manage to collect more and more transmog. None of my alts need to do The Nine anymore, for example (f*ck the mount), and cloth alts don’t need the whole first wing at all.

The drops are awful – normally I get zero drops out of 5 bosses, and yet I still somehow manage to move on. Well, gear vault helped too, and we’ve crossed the 50% threshold on all armor types since the last week:

I’ve collected Korthia quest sets for two Covenants:

Maldraxxus and Venthyr to go, and Venthyr have not one, but two sets – the robe and vest types, I wonder why. Both vampire ones are gorgeous, btw.

I continue to ignore assaults on everyone but my main, and Micromantica does well: today it was two achievements and a venthyr mount:

I think I made peace with the whole harassment situation to an extent. It’s not that I’ve stopped being infuriated by the whole thing, but now I lay in wait until the court hearings and company solutions. The rage subsided and simmers under the lid so far. Well, at least launching WoW does not make me sick anymore – and whether it does again would depend on the next turn of events. Blizzard and Activision just can’t allow themselves to do anything stupid – the hull is cracking, and they must save the boat even if only out of self-preservation motives.

Of course, I support the healthy atmosphere and normal employees, that never changed. #ActiBlizzWalkout, I’ve been there, done that in my realm last week.

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