Sanctum of Domination: A Peep into The Dark Bastille

I ran the wing twice yesterday. Not enough for statistics yet, but I don’t think it will be an impassable mess as I will farm it. Of course, the reset day welcomes the most geared and experienced players in raid finder, but also newbies that havent seen the bosses at all like myself. On my first run, we had half players remained alive with Dormazain, tanks failing to debuff half of the orbs on Ner’zhul and tanks ultimately failing the simplest Painsmith tactics all the time, but we wiped just once on Painsmith, and the second try was a neat kill with zero deaths. On my second run, things went smooth and almost perfect on all bosses.

Yet again I would praise the ambience and visuals of Torghast in the raid environment. The boss quarters continue to be diverse and unique every next time, the Tower still looks spacious and gorgeous, and feels like a real seat of power, while also borrowing elements from the usual Torghast runs, delivering continuity.

What I never mentioned before is the villain type of Maw, Torghast and the raid. It’s yet another horror theme – a castle. There’s nothing cozy about it – castles are frankly not a habitable environment. Cold stone of spacious corridors, not fit for a human being by scale, the sharp, heavy and deadly metal elements – like knight weapons and knight weapons turned into traps, oversized morgensterns, swords and axes, spikes and spiky balls, enormous falling metal things seeking to crush you.

As for castle villain inhabitants, Blizzard also finally explores and employs the theme of empty animated knight armor husks, something very-very deadly due to their heavy blows, spikes all over and a total lack of ability to reason with due to a lack of soul or even a mind to consider your reasoning. If we ever meet a deadly type of castle in videogames, cartoons or movies, this is exactly what we will get – deadly armor suits went live, spikes, and heavy metallic objects, seeking to impale or crush you. So – the theme finally made it to the game in all its traditional glory, and it works so well!

Soulrender Dormazain – is an easy boss, but with one nasty mechanic of sectors filled with wrath anima. You need to quickly detect and follow to the only safe sector out of four several times in a row, and due to animation of anima flows it’s very hard to execute in time – at least for me. I’m getting the grip, and yet on my warlock’s run she spent half of the encounter kissing the floor. My mage at least had shields, blinks and ice block at her disposal. What I need here is practice, and practice, and practice.

Remnant of Ner’zhul is probably the easiest boss in the wing and in the raid so far, compared to Eye of the Jailer. It’s pretty self-explanatory – keep to the middle, don’t stand in fire, make targeted players go to the edge and tanks target orbs with Suffering to make them vulnerable, and it’s a yawn fest.

Painsmith Raznal is simply insane! As long as you have tanks bring their circles to the corners of the ground, the rest is totally each player’s responsibility. The challenge is the constant legwork – ideally you can avoid almost all the damage, and it’s both extremely fun and mad experience. It’s spikes horror in all their glory, and I don’t think they could have been done any better in terms of impaling vibes.

Lorewise, the wing of Torghast is quite self-explanatory. The Dark Bastille presents Jailer’s anima “batteries” which also happen to be our good old “friends”, and their torturers – ah yes, another obligatory element of a cold horror castle, not compatible with human flesh – all the shackles, executioners, and torture chambers.


Long story short, it’s yet again an exciting wing to be farmed, with distinct vibes – and invoking our 8-bit experience of jumping over the spiky balls and running from the suddenly animated armors. The encounters are super fun, and environment seems to have put a goal not to repeat itself even once.

This is one of the best raids Blizzard ever made, and patch 9.1. in whole becomes one of the best patches ever in every aspect possible. It was definitely worth all the wait.

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