Routines and Lore of 9.1. So Far

Another week within 9.1. brought little wonder. Apart from the venthyr campaign piece, everything rolled on its rains, and this is good.

I keep sticking to my plan, that is: raids and fate-anima renown levels on all toons, and when I’m done – I’m done. This week brought us several mog pieces, and I made a little set collection progress, most prominently in the leather department:

Also I got an intellect sword mog, and an agility 1H axe. I’m not done with the wing one yet, but many important checkpoints were crossed out before the second wing, and it’s good. Besides, Gear Vault awaits again :) The previous one, as always, was rings/necklaces/trinkets, but that’s a given standard of a raid week one – both in vault and in drops.

Fate-Anima renown quest duo is a joke. A dedicated digging in Korthia across dailies, popping up rares and chests will barely require an hour to complete them. Normally I split the task in two days per alt: a 20-minute round of dailies/rares/chests while I’m in a raid queue brings me to about 50-70%, and I return in the next day to cherry-pick dailies and grab more rares and chests to finish the drill.


I haven’t written about the lore yet, and it’s worth discussing. As expected, we had a trio of chapters leading into the Maw, the next one released Primus and led us to the raid.

We totally expected that chapters 5-8 would close and finalize the Covenant local gestalts, like Vyraz the traitor, Venthyr leadership and crown, the case of the Night Warrior, and bringing Forsworn and Uther back into the Kyrian fold. What we did not expect is how masterfully these things are woven into the narrative and involve the raid as an unmarked mid-chapter!

All Covenants now talk of the raid events as something that has already happened, and under a leadership and bossing of the Maldraxxi Primus are now hastily forging the new sigils to chase the Jailer. This is the very first time in WoW history, as previously a raid was always a climax of the open world story. The chapters and the narrative fit so well in timing with the raid, and we’re not left hanging until the next patch once the final raid boss is down. So we have another 3 weeks of story unveiling, and it’s awesome!

As for the chapters itself – needless to say that downing Vyraz was satisfying, the bulk of a Zerekriss necropolis emerging from the portal was so horrifying and badass, and Draka/Thrall reunion brought tears to my eyes. Helya just won’t go down :)

Venthyr and Dreadlords

The venthyr part was quite educating. I screamed for the amazing chemistry between Vashj and Kael’thas, them being old allies (both worked for Illidan during W3: Frozen Throne and later in TBC), as they reunited in the common cause again. I liked how Kael is on his way to acknowledging his sins. And the whole spy story was pretty fun and exciting to play through.

Are people bitching about “retcons” and such, concerning dreadlords? Probably the lawsuit case overlapped the revelation, but this new lore was quite fun to me. Obviously, Denathrius did not look like your normal venthyr from the very beginning, cue Nathria-Nathrezim, so we could suspect something like that, a sort of relation.

It is interesting to ponder whom they serve, and what goals they pursue. We know that Sargeras caught and imprisoned them, but it was exactly the dreadlords which managed to corrupt the strong and dumb titan and made the burning crusade possible. To which ends are they scheming? It’s a great hook for the future. For now, we should take the dreadlord origins piece of lore, explained pretty well – and put it in the pile of knowledge. It’s finally not a retcon at the very least!

Blizzard told in interviews that they did not plan to leave Denathrius alive, but players liked him so much that they decided to give him another spin. Most probably, he’s not to appear in Shadowlands again, and will pop up in a nathrezim-centered expansion. Or maybe they dragged him to the Jailer, so he’ll play a minor role in 9.2., like Kael’thas did back in TBC – first a raid boss, and then a dungeon boss? We’ll see.


In the next week I’ll see more exciting things in the game. First of all, the second raid wing comes to LFR, and second, the next lore chapter – the Night Warrior chapter – which is simply bound to be a deeply moving tearjerker, and I’d be surprised if there was no cinematic.

A wild, craziest thought: as we know, Ardenweald’s practice is sacrifice of its denizens to create the important things, as we’ve seen during Kyrian campaign when they visited Winter Queen. So could it be that… Tyrande became the new Ardenweald sigil to replace the one stolen by Jailer and Anduin?! Nah, unlikely :) But if she does – you read it here first!


If not for the lawsuit case, I would have been in one of the happiest places with WoW today. The patch is pulsing with life, new discoveries await every week, and routines are precious, because they do give adequate progress compared to effort spent, and allow me to have my normal farming time – watching something on a nearby screen and peacefully farming things. Still, the latest scandal itches and scratches the back of my heart, and I just want it to be resolved as soon as possible – of course, in a human centered, not corporate centered manner.

P.S. Oh yes, also playing Final Fantasy in my spare time, or when tired of WoW farming. Slowly leveling and crawling up, up, up the story.

One thought on “Routines and Lore of 9.1. So Far

  1. I decided to take a small break from WoW while I reconcile my feelings on the company, the victims, and the community.

    So, I found myself spending the entire weekend playing FF XIV. I still have a long way to level my Gladiator (currently level 30), but I spent the bulk of the weekend getting my chocobo and leveling my fishing (20) and alchemy (17). It’s so relaxing to play.

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